Tonglen meditation – Exchanging Difficulties and Suffering with Love and Compassion [Video]

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Dr. Isaac Eliaz explains Tonglen Meditation

Dr. Isaac Eliaz explains Tonglen Meditation where you exchange suffering for love and compassion and then offer that love and compassion to others. Our heart is the ultimate detoxifying organ because it is built to exchange blood in the body and it is the great transformer that changes difficulties into love and compassion.

The main practice in Hiyana Buddhism is a practice of Tonglen, exchanging suffering with love and compassion. In this practice we take in suffering, we transform it in the heart, into love and compassion, and we offer the love and compassion to others. We are visualizing the suffering coming is dark black, gray smoke, and offering love and compassion as white light.

For people who have learned this practice, they will experience benefits from the practice very quickly within days, sometimes within hours. How is it possible to learn the medication practice that can beneficial so quickly when other meditation practices can take months and years to really accomplish? The reason is that we are built to do toggling. Our heart is built into toddling. Our heart needs to get difficulties from the past dirty blood that is released by our cells and tissues in order to provide pure blood nourishment, loving compassion.

Our heart is a great transformer that transforms difficulties into love and compassion. This is why is it ultimate detoxifier that organ to make this change into our body, our heart, we are built to do this practice. It is within us. It is part of our own physiology. The only issue that we are not aware of it, but once we become aware of it becomes natural and powerful. This is a very inspiring example. At least for me about the connection between the physiology of our heart and this spiritual function of our heart. This is what an open heart is. The infinite power of healing. Love and compassion is infinite power of healing. I call it open heart medicine, the infinite healing, power of love and compassion.

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