Cardiovascular Health

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Cardiovascular Health

Research shows benefits of statins — but what about alternatives?

Cholesterol has gotten a bad rap for clogging arteries, fueling heart disease, even impacting brain function. With heart disease as the leading cause of death for both men and women, we absolutely need to control the risk factors — and this includes unhealthy cholesterol and the ongoing inflammation it can fuel.

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Cardiovascular Health

The Drug-Free Path to a Healthy Heart

For decades, researchers have been aggressively developing treatments for heart disease, from stents and angioplasties to blood thinners and cholesterol drugs. And while many of

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Cardiovascular Health

10 Ways To Support Heart Health

The heart is a vital human organ, working day and night to pump blood throughout the body. Its healthy function is essential for life, as

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Cardiovascular Health

Study: Heartbreak Can Increase Brain’s Sensitivity to Pain

Most people have or will experience the pain of a break up at some point, which can leave you feeling depressed, sensitive and even ill. When this type of emotional pain is severe enough, it can actually impact your physical health in a number of ways.

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Cardiovascular Health

Harvard Study Shows Heart-Health Benefits of Tai Chi

A recent study from Harvard University shows the health benefits of tai chi, especially for those with heart conditions that prevent them from engaging in rigorous physical exercise.
Tai chi is a Chinese form of martial arts that focuses on soft, slow movements and requires concentration on poses, physical posture and alignment.

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