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Safe, Effective Detoxification—The Pathway to Greater Health and Longevity

Pesticides, toxic metals, industrial pollutants, mold, and other contaminants that accumulate in the body are linked to serious degenerative health conditions. Safely removing them—and preventing ongoing accumulation—is essential for optimal long-term health, immunity, energy and overall vitality. 

Detox Safety

While detoxification is an essential strategy for health, it’s critical to use a system that is safe, gentle and clinically proven. This will help you achieve optimal results, and prevent the all-too-common detox reactions: Digestive disturbances, fatigue, headaches, brain fog and other symptoms of incorrect toxin removal.

Step 1—Binding Heavy Metals & Toxins with Modified Citrus Pectin and Alginates

Based on extensive research and clinical use, the number one formula I recommend for safely removing toxins from the body is a blend of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) and seaweed-derived alginates.

This clinically researched supplement works to bind heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive particles and other toxins in the circulation and GI systems, for safe excretion through the urinary and digestive tracts.

It also prevents toxins from being reabsorbed into the circulation through the intestines—a common problem with many detox programs.

Importantly, this formula is gentle and does not strip essential nutrients from the body. It can be used for an intensive detox period, or for long-term protection against everyday toxins.

2019 Clinical Study: Modified Citrus Pectin / Alginate Dietary Supplement Increased Fecal Excretion of Uranium: A Family.

2008 Clinical Study: Modified Citrus Pectin as an Effective Chelator of Lead in Children Hospitalized with Toxic Lead Levels

2007 Clinical Study: The Role of Modified Citrus Pectin and Alginates in Heavy Metal Chelation and Detoxification

2006 Clinical Study: The Effect of Modified Citrus Pectin on Urinary Excretion of Toxic Elements

Step 2—Intensive Detox Support with Botanical-Nutrient Formula

In depth removal of heavy metals and other environmental toxins from organs and tissues is supported by the use of natural compounds belonging to the sulfur-containing group of phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids.

These powerful compounds are included together with select botanicals and antioxidants, in a comprehensive detox support formula that enhances the detoxification pathways of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, skin, intestines, and other elimination systems.

This formula also provides critical antioxidant protection, an essential requirement during toxin removal.

A total of 22 detox supporting herbs and nutraceuticals are combined to help reduce toxic body burden. Key ingredients include:

  • Milk thistle seed extract
  • Dandelion leaf extract
  • Garlic bulb
  • Cilantro leaf extract
  • L-glutathione
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine

This formula is designed for use in combination with the MCP-Alginate formula, as a comprehensive toxin removal system. It can also be used alone to support the body’s detox functions, enhance antioxidant activity, and protect against the effects of everyday toxins.

The Most Effective Way to Detox

The health benefits of a gentle, yet effective toxin removal system cannot be underestimated.That’s why I recommend a tailored blend of modified citrus pectin and seaweed-derived alginates, with the addition of a comprehensive formula to support the body’s natural detoxification systems.

The results are greater vitality, and overall health, safely and naturally.

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