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Digestive Health

Your Gut-Brain Axis: Enhance Mood, Immunity, & More

Did you know that your digestive issues can trigger a cascade of other health complications? The digestive system is closely interconnected with the immune system, and both work together to defend your body against bacteria, toxins, infections, and diseases.

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Digestive Health

PRE-biotics, Stress and Sleep

Fascinating research continues to discover vital, far-reaching health benefits that come from a healthy gut microbiome. From optimal immune function, to metabolism, digestion, mental health

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Digestive Health

The Total-Body Health Benefits of Probiotics

When most people think about probiotics, they think gut health—for a good reason.  Afterall, a diverse population of beneficial microbes keeps your GI system balanced and running smoothly—with a number of benefits for overall wellness. In fact, new research continues to

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Digestive Health

Boost Your Immune System’s IQ—with Probiotics

Healthy immune function is a result of precision. When your immune system is fine-tuned, you’ll rarely get sick. If you do, you’ll bounce back swiftly, your injuries will heal quickly, and you’ll dodge

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Is your body's survival response working against you?

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