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Do You Know the Harmful Side Effects of Stress?

Many of us find ourselves trapped in a perpetual cycle of stress — and this has substantial repercussions when it comes to our well-being. From triggering inflammation within the body to inducing cognitive impairments like brain fog, stress wreaks havoc on our health. But there are ways to find balance and help your body combat stress.

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The Natural Prescription for Mental Health

Chronic stress and anxiety are like background noise. We become so accustomed to these feelings, we hardly notice them anymore. But just because we get used to the stress, doesn’t mean our bodies can handle it better. These five herbal remedies can help.

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How To Get Good Sleep in the Heat

As temperatures rise and heat waves continue to shatter records, staying healthy in hot weather becomes a top priority. And while heat-related health issues like sun stroke, dehydration and sunburns may

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Pure Honokiol 101 Guide

Honokiol is a highly active compound that is extracted from magnolia bark. It has been used in traditional medicine in Asia for thousands of years.

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Is your body's survival response working against you?

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