An Open Heart is the Greatest Healer – Video

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Dr Isaac Eliaz: An Open Heart is the Greatest Healer

Dr Isaac Eliaz talks about how the heart helps to facilitate a powerful meditative process that heals the whole body and being. 



Today. I want to talk to you about the heart, about the physiology of the heart and the physiology of the heart. Reflect profound meditation and healing process. The heart accepts blood from every tissue in the body. It doesn’t say I will accept it only from the liver. Only from the labs, only from the kidneys, only from the brain. It accepts without discrimination and it gives out blood without discrimination. This is a nature of our heart. The love and compassion in our heart has no boundaries. It doesn’t discriminate. It’s our negative feelings. So when negative emotion, it’s our dramas. It’s our survival mode that makes us discriminate and decide with our friend, with our enemy, who we need to fight. What does this fight? Cause it causes struggle. It causes friction. It causes inflammation. It causes autoimmune diseases. It causes cancer. This is why an open heart is a greatest healer. 


Love and compassion are the greatest healer love and compassion can heal ourselves, can help us heal others and can help other heal us. The most important meditation practice in the Mahayana approach of Buddhism is a practice of Tonglen taking in suffering pain and transforming it into 11. Compassion exchanging suffering with love and compassion. People who learn this practice will experience without exception. They can feel an effect within hours. They can really feel like they have a strong practice within days. How is it possible? Where it can take years to gain some confidence and experience in other meditation practices? It is because our heart is built to take suffering, to take difficulties and provide love and compassion. This is who we are. The heart is the emperor of our body is built to do this. 


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