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Latest Reseach Findings

Powerful Natural Treatments for Cancer

We’re making progress against cancer — nearly 17 million cancer survivors in the US are living proof. However, overcoming cancer isn’t easy. Cancer behaves on

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Cardiovascular Health

Research shows benefits of statins — but what about alternatives?

Cholesterol has gotten a bad rap for clogging arteries, fueling heart disease, even impacting brain function. With heart disease as the leading cause of death for both men and women, we absolutely need to control the risk factors — and this includes unhealthy cholesterol and the ongoing inflammation it can fuel.

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Do You Know the Harmful Side Effects of Stress?

Many of us find ourselves trapped in a perpetual cycle of stress — and this has substantial repercussions when it comes to our well-being. From triggering inflammation within the body to inducing cognitive impairments like brain fog, stress wreaks havoc on our health. But there are ways to find balance and help your body combat stress.

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Latest Reseach Findings

Hooked on Junk Food? New Research Shows It’s All in Your Brain

Does eating junk food high in sugar and fat trigger unrelenting cravings — even though you know these foods are bad for you? It’s not your fault. A new study in Cell Metabolism explains how junk food rewires the brain to demand more and more of the same unhealthy foods. Here are some proven therapies that boost dopamine in a healthy way, as well as nutrients to squash sugar cravings.

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Latest Reseach Findings

Which One Is It: A Cold, the Flu, or Allergies?

This year, colds and flus are hitting harder than ever. As pandemic restrictions have loosened and people have returned to their pre-pandemic lives of gatherings and parties, the world’s most

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The Natural Prescription for Mental Health

Chronic stress and anxiety are like background noise. We become so accustomed to these feelings, we hardly notice them anymore. But just because we get used to the stress, doesn’t mean our bodies can handle it better. These five herbal remedies can help.

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