Watch the Highlight Reel for the Restore Your Mitochondrial Matrix Summit Talks with Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Thank you for watching the Restore Your Mitochondrial Matrix Summit and attending my talks on the topic. I hope you found them interesting and helpful. If you missed any part of these, be sure to watch the highlight reel above. It’s a 5-minute excerpt from my interviews with host Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC.

Are you tired of feeling exhausted every moment of every day? While it’s natural to reach for coffee or energy drinks when you need a quick boost, these only deal with the surface problem, not the root cause of extreme fatigue — mitochondrial dysfunction.

Your mitochondria have one of the most important jobs in your body — producing energy. When these powerhouses are not working at peak capacity, you’ll feel it in every cell of your body. Fortunately, you can heal your mitochondria and experience true, lasting energy.

One of my go-to weapons for mitochondrial dysfunction (and chronic exhaustion) is Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), a patented ingredient that works in a variety of ways to restore cellular health and energy. For example, at the Summit, I explained how heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins damage mitochondrial function — and how MCP helps undo this damage by enhancing detoxification.

To learn more about MCP, as well as my research and clinical experience treating thousands of patients with it, please download Chapters 1-4 from my book, The Survival Paradox. As an added bonus, I’ve also included a free download of Chapter 14 from the book, “Detoxification & Letting Go”.

Is your body's survival response working against you?

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