Mushroom Benefits, Uses, Nutrients, Sensitivities and More

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Mushroom Types and Benefits

Dr. Eliaz talks about medicinal mushrooms and what parts of the body and mind they support. He also dives into the difference between herbs and mushrooms, when you need to be concerned if you have a sensitivity, and more. Dr. Eliaz explains how safe mushrooms really are and how you can best use them to support healthy living.

Introduction to EcoNugentics

The first time that I went to the econugenics website, my first introduction to the company, I saw the Mycophyto and I saw the story about Mycophyto and coming from a background of growing up on a farm, growing up with plants, I was just really fascinated that the mushrooms are grown on a medium of the tentacles. That they’re actually grown on a biomass of herbs and botanicals. I thought that was just a super unique approach and really genius way when we think about the function of mushrooms. I have never heard the story of how you came to come up with this as a way of growing the mushrooms as it’s a whole different approach and very revolutionary.


Medicinal Mushrooms

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Yeah, definitely revolutionary in its most important it’s it makes them more effective. Really to understand the story, we have to understand mushrooms. The mushroom was becoming very popular in the last 20 years. I remember when I talked in a, in cancer control society in, eh, in Los Angeles, I talked to a thing in 1997, but different topics. When I talked about mushroom, they really told me, Oh, this is done. Nobody’s interested. Can you stop talking about it? And then this is only 23 years ago, now it’s really changed. Now that there’s interest in mushrooms, we have interest in mushrooms was based on a Muslim. That’s a well known based on some research and then in publication and based on, the effects, so my Taki has well known, for certain research on cancer with my Turkey, eh, Cody said, sinensis dog chunks, your chow, which is winter worms, summer herbs.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
It’s a, it’s a worms that turns into a botanical that it’s, that the Chinese athletes used in the Olympics and got better results. It’s reishi going to be the Royal mushrooms of longevity. There’s a Garvey code, which Jacqueline Brazilian mushroom the Chinese adopted for immune enhancement. There is poly porous that is used a lot for a urinary and OB GYN issue. There is probably a Coco’s full leading that is used a lot for the digestive system. Julian properly forest is the one that is for the urinary system. Her resume is specifically for the suffering and stomach porphyria. She Tucky the liver, they just have a relationship. Then there is more wood ear. More air, which is more for the rectal area, the end of the colon. The mushrooms that affect the lungs in the face and the skin and the upper of the body, like by it’s called bite by more air white, eh, more air that is used for more for the lungs dryness in the lungs.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
There is between Mila by more air, which is more effective lungs. It was bit as ineffective as a brand. People will use mushrooms based on their function, but it’s really a misunderstanding and in degradation of the power of mushrooms, because there is a whole Miko, just like there is a pharmacopeia, the micro where you can actually use mushrooms, just like herbs to make formulas. I used to make formulas just for mushrooms. It’s to really understand mushrooms. We want to appreciate their function, their energetics, and their chemical constituency. 

Can you talk about what’s different from the way that herbs, so herbs can be obviously adaptogenic. What is the difference between how mushrooms function versus herbs? 

Mushrooms Versus Herbs

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
If we look at mushrooms, what does the energetic effects of mushrooms? Energetic effects of mushroom is their effect on time. Mushrooms can affect our past mushroom can affect our present in mushrooms can affect our future. What do I mean? Mushrooms can grow and clean up damages from the past. For example, damage to the kidney from antibiotics, hepatitis, not turning into of the liver, et cetera. How do they do it? Why are the different herbs? Because mushrooms have an affinity to what we call in Chinese medicine to dead areas in the body to areas that are not functioning in the body. They go in the clean them up. That way. Mushrooms are used to clean up. When we die, we are eating. We are eaten by fungus. It consumes our material, right? So these dead areas where the body has from the perspective of the body. It’s dead.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
We have less control over it. There’s less circulation. There’s less oxygen. These areas where cancer can develop what autoimmune disease can develop when we’re infection can actually thrive. Their mushroom lives their affinity to go to these areas and clean them up. That’s why, if you look at mushrooms, you look even at your Plains in the garden, you need to feed them specific Petrel, fertilizers, right? Nashville really grow everywhere. The more garbage there is, the better they will grow because they’re able to process all these toxic environments. Mushrooms can clean our past, can clean the toxins, big, amazing property of mushrooms. Mushrooms can also affect the future. What do I mean mushrooms will train the immune system to function better in the future. That’s why mushrooms are immune system trainers. How do we see you see that the effects of on the body doesn’t stop over time.

My Experience

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
I am the evidence of it. I am not super healthy. I worked very hard. I mean, I meditate a lot and I try, but I really have tried to do a lot to share my heart with many people. A lot of politics. I traveled all over the world. I haven’t had the flu for 20 years and even in a serious cold for the same amount, why I never missed my mycophyto. It’s in my bag. It’s with me all the time. I wouldn’t be doing this interview today because two nights ago, I just scraped your throat. I just woke up and they took a lot of mycophyto. In Memphis, I think there were a lot to explain the other unique properties of mushrooms. The other unique properties of mushrooms is that they are very safe and they are very adaptogenic in of behavior, right? They would use different nutrients and will activate the nutrients.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
You can take a certain dose of mushrooms on an ongoing basis. If you need more, because let’s say you’re getting sick, you can really go up to the dose. Now I don’t want people to don’t necessarily. People have to do what I’m doing, but when I’m, I sometime will take a transatlantic flight. Okay. I’m like, Oh my God, I’m exhausted. I can feel like I’m getting a sore throat. I will land healthier after 15 hours flight. I took 40 50 capsules during the 12 hours. I get down and I’m healthy just like I’m right now talking for hours. Which I wasn’t, night when I didn’t feel well, it just took a lot of why because they are so safe. Mushrooms, his disability to adapt to the environment of the body. So much greater adaptogenic qualities and herbs. That’s my mushrooms that ever existed before. They are very ancient. 

Dr, Isaac Eliaz
They have this amazing ability to adapt. Me that we can change the dosages and we can use them all the time. What’s amazing about Mycophyto is that we are taking botanicals that are focused on enhancing the immune system and helping our general health in the mushrooms takes the herbs and the activator ability. You can sit in the growth process. There’s no heat being produced. When you grow mushrooms and regular medium. While I tried to create it more for chronic health issues, the most amazing thing is you just don’t get sick. And we know it. I mean, I have a few friends and people who work with me, they just, they never, they just don’t get sequences. So it’s remarkable. Like sometime I see all the different epidemics and say, wow, if you put, just knew, if we took enough of this, they just will not get sick.


Mushrooms Abilities

Dr, Isaac Eliaz
It’s remarkable. It’s really, it’s really amazing. That’s one thing that is important to really understand, but this is a result of the ability of the mushrooms to address different issues of the past of the future, of the present. How do mushrooms address the present? They enhance and improve the immediate immune response. That’s why I didn’t get sick. The effect was immediate within minutes. I feel better. It’s not like a stimulating effect. You just feel, wow. My sore throat is gone. You know, I can sustain myself. It’s it’s really a gift Marshall’s. That’s a little bit about mycophyto I want to talk about how we use mushrooms as a nutrient. I call it mushroom multi-nutrient. For example, the 10 mushroom formula, I call it the ultimate Marshall multi-nutrient white is the ultimate because when you look at the formula, you’ll see 10 different mushrooms.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Okay So you look at the measurement. You can just, you can know, you can read on the label in she tacky different mushrooms, right? But it is not, this is not how the formula is designed. He designed to address issues of the past, present and future. It did end, it’s designed to cover us from the brain all the way to our urinary system. You got cordyceps in ganoderma addressing brain function and detoxification of fat soluble toxins. How will it happen into a Mila supported also by more? Well, these marshals have a higher level of phospholipase and phospholipids can penetrate into the membrane and exchange with fat-soluble, toxins, and rejuvenate and protect the brain. Also, they will protect the heart and the lungs it’s upper part of the body. We got mushrooms are protecting as the liver. She tacky. Also ganoderma of course, my tuck is specifically for the digestion and they have a relationship in liver.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
They just a relationship. We got her reseal porphyria and Ori Calabria addressing all the levels of the digestive system. You’ve got poly pose, Julene addressing the urinary system. Now you can see how you got in one formula, the whole body and different aspects, for example, polyposis terrains, the immune system for the future. You’ve got Coriolis, which is effected the justice system and effects immediate response, eh, Coriolis, the active ingredients from Coriolis, use this chemotherapy agent in Japan for many years. Now you’ve got the whole mushroom formula. What we do, we want to see, can we take the whole formula and created an Arrowhead, right? That will support the effect. It will support the macrophage, the target cleaners of the immune system and foodies. We eat the one, three better glucans into the formula. So we enhance it. You can see how now there’s an Arrowhead. 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
We see 10 different mushrooms and different ratios because different ones have different roles. The ratio will change based on the roles. 

With the 10 mushroom and it being like a multi vitamin or yeah, 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Yeah. And multinational formula. 

Was he mushroom formula for the whole body, right? So this is really something that someone would want to take on an ongoing basis to really support their past their precedent, right. 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
The whole body system. They would want to take the mycrophyto all the time to support model immune response until results.

Yes. One of the concerns with mushrooms that we hear about it’s a fungus, right? And there’s some people that want there that have been told or advised, that maybe they have mushrooms that show up on an allergen panel or a sensitivity panel, or that they should be avoiding fungus. What’s unique about the way that bees mush to mushroom formulas are grown, and how they’re what’s utilized or how they’re formulated that. 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
For a mushroom to create an allergic response for it, like negative press, they have to mature into a fruiting body into a mature. 

That what you see at the grocery store? 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Yes, exactly. Yeah exactly. Like you’re like a fruiting body. We are, these mushrooms are grown as my psyllium. We harvest them at their growth. Fuck. It’s a cross stage when they are really moving, when they’re really transforming the medium into mushrooms. So they’re also very active. There are a lot of active enzymes, but they don’t have the final fungus mushroom sensitivity property. That’s why I often will give these formulas for people with sensitivity to mold or to fungus. It will help them because in your responses, improving, especially the T cell response. Definitely. Wow. 

Cause it’s like giving them the healthier, better tolerated version that will help their immune system tolerate it. 

Dr Isaac Eliaz
Well, it’s more that we’ll just give them support for the immune system that can fight the fungus. And yeah, definitely. It’s interesting. If you look at the 10 mushroom, you can take two, twice a day or you can take four, twice a day, right. With the pictures, with a mycrophyto, you can take in two, twice a day or three, twice a day, but whenever you feel it, you are stressed or exhausted, just pop a few more capsules, especially as a mycophyto or another scoop, or in my extreme cases, I will throw in 18 capsules into my mouth, and then half an hour later, another 12 and another 12, and suddenly my cold is gone.

Knowing that mushrooms are grown on, you talked about it, toxins, and that they take us. How important is it that when you’re looking to buy a mushroom product, how important is it to see how that product was? The mushrooms were crawled. 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
It’s very important. Eh, with botanicals, it’s sometime how to get all the botanicals organic, eh, but also botanicals have active constituents. I’m less concerned, but it’s a main medium of the mushroom. It’s really preferred for this to be organic medium, which is what we use. It’s one of the issues with buying mushrooms that are grown in China. For example, despite this, my affinity and respect, and I mentioned his doctor, the soil there is very polluted, right. In fact it has nothing to do with organic, not organic. Know there is lead everywhere, a plane flies, or is led falling on the ground. Right. We actually grow it in enclosed systems where we know that we don’t have this kind of things. Yes, definitely because remember they do absorb heavy metals. It’s part of the ability. So definitely it’s. 

They are, they’re grown domestically right here in the United States in a very controlled environment. So to really protect them. 


Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Yeah. Growth both formulas, which is very important. mycophyto

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