Meditation and Healing 5-day Program – Video

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Dr. Isaac Eliaz walks us through a guided meditation.

Meditation and Healing Day 1

Meditation and Healing Day 2

Meditation and Healing Day 3

Meditation and Healing Day 4

Meditation and Healing Day 5

Transcription of Meditation Day 1


Good morning to all of you, the ones in the United States and good evening to the ones that are in Europe. When Israel I’m very happy to start our series of meditation healing today here from the big Island of Hawaii for my meditation spot, where I spent two or three months a year sitting every morning for the last four or five years. The goal of this series is to introduce all of us to meditation as a general tool for wellbeing, and also as a tool for healing for ourselves and others. In this series, I will try to introduce more of the basics of meditation and how it reflects in healing for my decades of experience in training, learning, and practicing. I will try to take you through a journey from seeing the big picture from having the experience of meditation all the way to what he does inside our body, to our organs, to our circulations, tow a tissue, tell us cellular level, and we will start every session with a short meditation and the if, and afterwards I will start teaching on the part of the meditation. 


My goals with the today and tomorrow is tomorrow give guided meditation and principles and cover the meditation and then give you the weekend to practice or to share with others who haven’t been able to join. They can listen to the videos and then pick it up again on Monday and do another sessions during next week where we’ll go in greater depth and start building the building blocks of meditation. Towards the end of this series, I will start adding based on our progress, specific healing components. Okay. I look like I, it is working because I’m just checking. It and technology is not my strength and eh, but I think it’s working through it’s good. We can sit with our big straight. If you’re sitting on a chair, it’s fine. If you’re sitting on the ground on a cushion and just feel the, of your spine, your perinatal area, the area is the base of your spine between the anus, the rectum and the genitalia, this area that is right there, that tends to be closed. 


Just feel it opening up. Just let yourself relax into your seat. Just let the gravitation do its work. We fight gravitation all the time we resist. Just let it go and feel the opening in your perineal in your basis. From this opening, there is a certain strength that comes along your spine all the way to the top of your head. Your spine becomes elongated with no effort and you can lift your shoulders and drop them, lift your shoulders, take a deep breath. One more time, lift your shoulders and just relax and feel how just the awareness to the body is changing. The perception of the body. Your hands are wrapping around your knees or hands inside hand. It’s a bottom coming down. Your tongue is loose. Touching gently the upper palate, the tiny space between your teeth and your gaze is looking forward with no effort about two or three yards, two or three meters. 


Just bring your awareness to your body, to the present time and feel how it’s affecting your physical sensations, how it’s affecting your breath. Now it starts to affect your mind how your diaphragm is moving more easily up and down with less effort. Just being aware of how everybody’s saying hello to everybody and letting go of the contraction of the effort just slowly loosening up. Now that we prepared our body, we’re going to prepare a breath by inhaling and exhaling from each nostril left and right, three times. From both nostrils and we visualize it. We inhale white light and we exhale blade gray smoke. We inhale healing and cleansing, and we exhale all our traumas, all our diseases, all our difficulties. We inhale from both nostrils, close the lift North street and exhale. You can hear it from both, no swales and exhale inhale one more time. 


For the third time, and from both nostrils, inhale and exhale, inhale the white light, treating the whole body and exhaling any tension, any illness, any diseases it’s bled, gray smoke and third time and exhale and let the breath flow smoothly with no effort. Just feel how this small exercise of cleansing the breath affect the quality of the breath and affect the quality of your body and how it affects your mind. Now that we prepared our body, we prepared our speech. It’s time to prepare our minds. We will prepare our mind by opening our heart by generating love and compassion to ourselves and to all living beings. We do eat by understanding at least intellectually the equality, the evenness in that every living, being every person we know, including ourselves, people, we like people. We are neutral to people. We don’t like every living being wants to be happy. 


Every living, being experiences, difficulties is part of our existence. In this way, we open our heart to ourselves and to every other being understanding this equalness between all of us. We do the intellectual exercise of understanding, and then we let go and let the understanding penetrates into our body and loosen the grasping, loosens the contraction, and on a deeper level for people who are more trained, we understand that everything that arises from the outside to our senses, everything that we perceive and everything that we feel think experience inside our body is impermanent. It changes all the time. Nothing has permanent unchanging experience existence. This is what is equal to all experiences and understanding. This reduces the structure, the struggle with uses the contraction. We just arrest in this understanding, opening our heart and mind ourselves into every living being. Now that we prepared our body, our speech and our mind, we can actually start the practice of the meditation. 


We can start it by focusing on a point below your eye level. You can pick, if you have chance for next time, you can pick a pebble or picture or crystal or whatever makes it easier for you to focus. You just let your eye focus on the object, not too tight and not too loose. We use the dove, the bodies, the eyes to create focus. And slowly we add our breath. We exhale to the point to the object and we inhale from the object. We exhale to the object and we inhale from the object without losing the visual connection. We have the door of the body, the eyes, and we have the doors of the speech of the subtle energy of in the body, through the breath. And now we end our mind. We focus on the pebble or the object, whatever you’re using with your mind, you’re either just three or third, are you focus or you project your heart into the points to a place where your visual concentration, your breath and your mental concentration are inseparable. 


You’re just focused on this one point. If your mind wanders the way it’s not a problem, just gently bring it back to the meditation. By focusing one thing, I will destruction slowly, fall away. We find a place of quietness of peacefulness. This is why this is called calm, abiding meditation, shamatha meditation. Slowly, we also experience a sense of openness and clarity. For the beginners in the beginning, the mind we bills like a blind rider on a wild horse, or like a wild waterfall splashing all the time. It’s okay. It’s normal. The moment that you recognize this restaurant, restlessness is in the roses. It isn’t inseparable from our regular existence. This is the first moment of meditation. Slowly, the meditation will open from a waterfall to a Creek, to a river, to a Lake and all the way to an ocean opening up. We can gently now bring our mind to the eye level and just let our gaze open into the space in front of us, without holding, without judging, without grasping, without rejecting, just being opened. 


We started by being open to any visual sensations that come from the front and slowly, while keeping it open, we open ourselves to any visual sensation that comes from the right, even if you just imagine it. From behind and from your left and from above and below. We are just open to any visual sensation. With every exhalation, there is a deeper level of letting go of opening the body. Still the breath is flowing smoothly, and the mind is just opening into the vast visual field that you can see right now. While keeping this, we add any auditory sensation, any sound that comes from the front and from the ride from behind you from the left and from above and below. We just open ourselves to any input without judgment. Now we can add any tactile sensations, any olfactory sensations, and any tastes that we experience just opening ourselves. 


It’s the end of every exhalation we let go like cutting the web of a spider. So experience increases and expense. The body is stable. The breath is flowing smoothly, and we are just opening up and use the breath. Use the end of the exhalation, everything opened up. While we keep ourselves open to the outside, we bring our attention to the inside. We bring our intention inside our body, to the sensation of our organs, to our feelings, to our thoughts and whatever your experience is. Okay. If you have an amazing experience, if you have a restless experience, it really doesn’t matter. Meditation is not about what we experience. It’s about our relationship to our experience. It’s about accepting everything that arises outside or inside. Acceptance allows us to let go of our struggle for defenses of our contraction. We just to rest in displace and we lead now the outside and inside fall away the artificial boundary between the body and what’s outside of the body to fall away. 


We just let it go in this place. By the stable, our breath is flowing smoothly and our heart and minds are open and whatever your experience outwardly or inwardly don’t contract into it, just relax. Usually at this stage for new people, you either feel very tired or you feel very restless. That’s normal, that’s expected. Over the series, we will learn how to handle it and how to adjust it. You are not the first one who is experiencing it, and you are not the last one. Now that we feel a greater sense of openness. We can just rest in it enjoying the resting into the ocean, just opening into the view with now with this openness, we say, good morning. We say hello to our heart. We take our hands and we put them on our chest, relaxing the elbows, the neck is long and just melt and feel the warmth of your heart. 


It’s an amazing experience for the first time to feel the warmth of the heart and expressing of the innate Unbound, infinite love and compassion that the heart has its infinite healing power and let this heat spread anywhere in your body where you need it, filling your chest, feeling your organs, any place where you need it can close your eyes a bit. If it’s better for you and just get this sensation, the heart has no concepts. The heart has no boundaries. It’s our conceptual mind, our ego, our reactivity, our negative emotion that us, the heart gives with no judgment. We experienced this healing quality of the heart, feeling us until this quality field, our whole body, the heart and mind are inseparable and feels Todd feeling this space outside of us. We just sit in this place, taking our hands down to our knees and just rest in this place of open heart and open mind. 


You can move your feet and your legs. I little bit, I apologize, but more than 15 minutes was closer to 20 to 23 minutes. That’s okay. Eh so again, thank you everybody for joining me. This is for me, it’s something that came spontaneous for me a few days ago to do this in such a way. Really for me, it’s an opportunity to share my house, whatever I learned in my life that benefited me to share it with others. That’s really my, the third wheel of my life. The third act of my life. Now just turned 60, which is a very significant age in Chinese medicine and Chinese astrology in Tibetan astrology, where you, we start from the beginning. My goal until I leave this world is just to share my house and share any knowledge, whatever it is that I have in healing in different levels and make clinic. 


It’s very technical. It’s very cutting age, a lot of breakthroughs, but it’s all sitting on this understanding of the infinite healing power of the house. Why am I doing this? I’m not a great meditation master. There are many greatest greater meditation masters. I’m doing it because I feel, and I know that I’m offering a very unique integration of meditation, of healing, of the most esoteric practices and understanding of biology, physiology, biochemistry, and how our body operates from a Western medical perspective, from a Chinese medicine perspective, from a Tibetan medicine perspective and from different kinds of medicine that I’ve learned over my life. My goal is to share it in a very simple way. And I’m here with my coats. I came here very early. I can just sharing it with you and edited, whatever comes out. One thing that I can tell you as we started this, whatever I share with you comes from my heart. 


I want to share my heart with you because this is really a quality that each of us had. If each person on this earth for one minute, share their heart with everybody else, there will be peace immediately, but we have to start with smaller things. Let’s go back and look at the meditation and start breaking it apart looking at what it does, all of us without exception, want to be happy. All of us without exception, want to be healthy and vital yet. All of us without exception is part of our regular existence as part of our human life, which we will go into greater depth, what it means next week, experienced difficulties, experienced suffering experiences, pain. We have very unique quality as human to experience, moment of pain and suffering and to experience a moment of joy and happiness. Sometimes when we are attuned to differentiate, not only between them, but what makes them happen. 


If we look now that we have this profound understanding and it is profound, as simple as it is that suffering and difficulties are inseparable from our existence, it’s actually a relief because when we have a moment of difficulty, we don’t fight it so strong. We accept it just like in meditation. We, when we understand it, we can ask ourselves, what is the cause of this suffering? What is the cause of this difficulty? What is the cause of my emotional pain? What is the cause of my stress? And of course there are outer influences that we don’t always have control over many times we do, but the response is ours. We own the response. What is the root of these difficulties? And when we really examine it deeply, we recognize that the root of our difficulties is our grasping our contraction, our clinging, our identification, our fixation regress in hold two things. 


And we want to make them solid. Why do we want to make them solid? Because we don’t want to change. This is the first very basic rasping is aggressing to the self, to our ego, what we call ego clinging. Regressed to our body and we hold to it and then it’s us and them. Naturally, when we are faced with challenges from the outside or from the inside is part of our self identity is part of our grasping. We react in this way. Action Zim. Most Beck’s basic reaction in our life is our survival reaction. Our survival response, what keeps us alive is also what causes us. This is a profound understanding and the focus of my upcoming book in English, the survival paradox. It’s a paradox because to really live a long, happier, healthier open-hearted life, we have to let go of the struggle. What happens when this happened in our body? Well, let’s look for a moment at how our body functions. 


Our body is based on movement on flow, right? If we don’t flow for one, two minutes, we are dead. If the heart doesn’t send blood for one or two minutes all over the body, we’re not alive anymore. It’s this flow, this breath, this movement that keeps us alive. When we Gress, where we contract, we move from life to death. We move from movement to fixation. The first level that it happened is in our mind, in our mental expression, we can go into our past and fixate on the past guilt feeling, profound sadness, profound grief, blaming others about things that happened in the past. That things that relate to the past, we are not able to let go of the past. We can also grow to the future anxiety, fear, worry about what will happen, thinking about what will happen in the future all the time. 


We can grasp and hold to the present by being obsessive and being too tight about what’s happening right now. All of these are happening all the time in all of these are controlled for the ones who are not aware of it by different organ systems in the body. This is an understanding that is not very developed in Western medicine, that each of our organs has a physical aspect and emotional aspect and the mental aspect. We address them through meditation and healing. We’ll even touch on it during this series of sessions. So we talked about mental grasping. That affects all of us right now. If you are listening and you did the meditation, you may feel more relaxed for a moment. Even then certain thought comes up and we identify with it and we contract, and then we feel relaxed. It’s happening to us all the time. 


On another level. It it affects us emotionally. We get caught in an emotion in grief that we can’t let go of in anger and resentment that we can’t let go of. And these emotions can be devastating. For example, when we are caught in anger and resentment, it has a profound, physiological negative effects on us. It damages the circulation, it increases blood pressure. It causes hormonal modification. It suppresses the immune system. It burns the adrenals, et cetera. If we are really heavy, this grasping affecting our body and we all have, because it’s part of being alive, it starts to affect our physiology. It affects our circulation. Our blood gets thicker and more inflamed oxidative, high oxydative cholesterol, high inflammatory compounds in the body. Our function starts to change until a place we’re actually, disgracing this contraction that really is not supposed to be there. Again, we will elaborate on what it means from a meditation point of view, maybe tomorrow, but next week, this contraction starts showing up in a place where it’s not supposed to show up. 


The self identification shows in embedded in part of our body. In this part of the body, loses the ability to understand that it’s part of a whole of 50 trillion cells that are working together. How do we call it? We call it tumors. We call it cancer. The contraction of forming cancer in a place that is not supposed to be here to be in, it’s a direct relationship and effect of this very primal, grasping, and survival response. Now this survival response is profound because we are not the only one responsible for it. Our life circumstances and experiences have effected us different environmental toxins effected us and our ancestors affected us their genetics and their habits. Each of us are made from countless number of people. If we go back 5,000 years, two times two, and they’re all effecting us right now, but we have the opportunity to actually let go of this intensity and expand. 


We should, when we start, we should take it one step at a time. It’s a little difficult as a beginner to melt cancer. Actually it’s specifically difficult to affect cancer. Maybe I will talk about it as we move along, but we can start with different things when we’re about to react in contract. Can we just catch our breath and relax for a moment? How do we do it? We do it by creating space. If there is enough space between our thoughts, if we remember to breathe evenly and slower, and there’s enough space between the breath, it starts affecting our thinking process. It starts affecting our emotional process, our psychological process and our physiological process. It’s amazing to understand the relationship between them. We will talk about it in detail because it’s my favorite subject. I don’t want to just take a few of the last minutes we have today and kind of jump into it, the same feeling of expansion and relaxation that we have. 


For example, we are just relaxing into the ocean, listening to the waves, the body’s stable and the heart and mind open. We just open ourselves to all directions and use the gap between the chelation and inhalation to let go and just feel the relaxation, this pace, this sense of relaxation. If you are starting to have it in the long view, do it the more you have, it is not only happening to us. It’s the whole being it’s affecting our circulation. It’s affecting our organs all the way to our sales, to the way that our sales interact with our environment, with our membranes and our interest’s cellular processes, which affect our metabolic function, our mitochondrial function and our wellbeing. It is all interconnected. It will be the focus of what I will be teaching and practicing with you. Either work on killing myself and offering my healing to others and the beauties that all of us as a group can affect ourselves and can affect anybody connected to us. 


That’s the power of a group meditating together as a group. This is about creating the space and when we create the space, our tendency is to contract. We use the breath to create the space, especially by relaxing in the gap between the exhalation, which is a letting go passive process and the inhalation, which is an effort for the process. We rest right there in the gap and let it go. We can try it. The body is stable. The breath is flowing smoothly and the mind is open. We just let go deeper every time between the exhalation and the inhalation, just letting go feel your mind and your heart relaxing and feel how it’s creating a space inside your body. When we create space that we’re not used to stuff is going to come up amazing experience or difficult experiences. If we just stay open and we don’t react to them, they will just dissipate. 


It is very important to let whatever arises, just express itself without manipulating it. It’s a key point in a key flow in meditation. Even if we have amazing experiences, don’t hold to them, just let them go because something else will come. I’m glad for the opportunity today to meditate with you and give a short introduction about just the aspect of creating space. We created space today by first focusing one specific thing, why did we focus one specific thing? Because our tendency is to grasp, but because of our grasping, we jumped from one thing to the other, by focusing one specific thing with our three doors, with our eyes, with our breath and with our mind slowly, the other grasping starts to fall away and we find this place of calm. That’s why this very simple meditation is such a profound health effects on blood pressure. 


When the immune system and the cardiovascular vascular system, this team, and emotionally, it was found to be more effective for depression than antidepressants, because we are coming. We are chilling down the system and it’s the beginning. We have to use an object to allow us to relax because our innate tendency and habit to grasp. At some point we just open and let go with out any object, just opening, like the sky and the view here is really good for this, and we’ll be using it for the stage. Just to recap, what is the plan? We’ll meet here again tomorrow at the same time. Again, I will guide on a simple, similar meditation, so please feel free to share with others so they can join us. Again, this will be recorded on my Facebook is videos so people can listen to it. On the weekend, hopefully you guys will listen to each pallet each of the day. 


We can really pick up the pace next week. One important advice or how to advice, don’t get discouraged. If it’s hard for you to meditate. If you’re in YouTube, it’s a process. We are all in the same process. We are all in the same path. We all have a tendency to fixate and we all want to be free and happy. Each of us will move at a different pace. Each of us is a different place. I can attest from my own journey, from my own dream tense, grasping and ego identification. It took me decades and ops and really very strong obsessive discipline to melt away and open my heart. It’s still a process I’m blown away. How every day I learn something new about meditation, but the secret to learning is not to hold to what we experienced and feel aha, this is it. We have to keep it just to let it flow. 


And it’s part of it. We also don’t hold to any benefit that we got from this practice. We generated our motivation by opening our hearts to ourselves and others. So we are less contracted. We try to keep present and open during the practice. Instead of grasping to any benefit is ours. We dedicate it to any living, being, especially to people who are connected to us in any way into ourselves. We each do it in our own words. Maybe towards next week, I will share something that people can read out, but just take a moment and you just open your heart and any benefits that you got today, just rejoice with it and open your heart to eat and take it in for yourself, but also offer it to every living, being that you’re connected in this way. It will amplify itself in the whole group of people who are meditating together, create an energy. 


I hope to see you back here tomorrow and have a wonderful rest of the day, wherever you are. Thank you very much. 

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