Detoxification – A Holistic Approach Backed by Research

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Detoxification – A Holistic Approach Backed by Research

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Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for joining the webinar on detoxification and holistic approach. Backed by science. I will just give another one or two minutes for people who are coming in or in traffic, et cetera. And then we can get going. I hope that you have a beautiful weather like we have right now in Northern California, the perfect spring weather and good time for detox

We’ve started about a minute or. 

Just take a few seconds. You can just see if you’re sitting on a chair, you can just feel the connection between sitting pony and the chairs. You can lift your shoulders and just relax. 

Take a few deep breath. 

Detox is about creating space in breathing is the easiest way to even our temple, our pace and create space. Okay so I’m going to start. It’s all good. I am feeling comfortable. We’re going to start. Thank you everybody. We, today we’re going to talk about detox is a lifelong process of, eh, that actually goes on all the time. What, what do we mean when we say that we are actually on a lifelong process? It means if we detoxify on an ongoing basis, if you look at this diagram it’s delivered as the central organ of detoxification, it’s really the heart that things come into you consider the liver gets loaded with toxins, from the lungs, swallowing, breathing from the digestive system, through what we eat and from the skin in the same time, we can see this. We detoxified through the lungs so that they just your system through the skin and through the kidneys, through the bladder. 

Really when we talk about detoxification being a lifelong process, every time when we exhale, we actually detoxifying every time when we inhale, we are nourishing ourselves and there is an ongoing dialogue between detoxification and nourishment. The dialogue between the two is what will allow us to either heal or to get sick. We look at detoxification activity within this context, when the extended detox is much bigger than just, doing a liver cleanse or a colon cleanse, et cetera, it’s really what happens to us all the time when we are born. The first thing that we do is we exhale and we cry when we leave our body. The last thing we do is exhale. The letting go process is the first thing we do when we come to this world. And the last thing we do. Within the detoxification activity, there are lot of factors that play a role, our genetic polymorphism, which means that our genetic tendencies, are we able to detoxify? 

Well, we detoxify better from the skin. We detoxify better from the lungs or from the liver. There are different stations where detoxification can affect us. What is our age and gender? What is our diet and lifestyle? Are we having a diet that is loading us with toxins? If we want to detoxify, are we back? Are we having anabolic diet? Are we trying to build tissue while we detoxify not a good idea. How is the environment affecting us and what other diseases we have, which are affecting the detoxification activity. All of this will come into play. When we look at the detoxification program. So there are levels of detoxification. This is a term that is, it’s really borrowed from Asian philosophies. What is called body speech in mind? So when we detoxify, we can detoxify our body, our substance, our form, our tissues. We can detoxify our speech. 

When we say speech, which the idea is things that we can’t hold to, things that we can substantiate. Thing that we can see with our senses, like subtle energy that moves in the body. People have done, she grown, or I’ve done gotten acupuncture, movement, breath, and emotions. Detoxification really includes emotional detoxification there today. We don’t have a lot of time, but the emotional detoxification is different during the spring or during the fall. What happened in our mind when you detoxify it, what thought patterns, what intentions are involved in the process? So for example, from a mind point of view, it’s good to decide before you study talks, what do you want to get rid of? We tend in the mind to hold two things. We hold two feelings. We hold two traumas. We hold two thoughts. We obsess about them. The idea of the letting go is part of detox. 

We know in life that sometimes the emphasis of letting go physically we’d want a certain diet letting go emotionally energetically. We do exercises. We work with our breath and work with our emotions and letting go of our thought pattern because every thought that comes up is going to come down. It’s the nature of storms. We look in this context, we now have, we now can understand the big picture of detoxification, the holistic approach. Again I’m just touching briefly on something going to be very profound. I teach the five, seven days of meditation and healing retreat. We really go into this integration of body speech and mind all the levels of wellbeing. Again, when we look at it, toxification, it’s more than just binding toxic for effectively diversification to take place. It’s really an integrative process. It has to be supported on multiple levels. Each of us may require different support for the process. 

Each of us is a whole world. Really holistic medicine is really a medicine of N equal one. Each of us is a whole medicine. Each of us needs their own specific process, which is very different than the way we are used to function in medicine, where we want protocols and regiments. So we start by preparing. We prepare by having our mental thinking, what we want to get, being emotionally ready to let go, and by preparing your body. Let’s look at the preparation really is the concept is then when we let go of what no longer serves us, we create space for what’s meant to be. The easiest place to understand it is with breathing in order to inhale, we have to exhale just like we talk. When we come to this world, the baby cried first, the empty, the allowance, which is the passive process. 

The lack now can expand and bring air in. In order to nourish ourselves, we always have to let go first. And that’s the idea of the process. This means also setting up time for detox. If you have a very busy day, that is totally loaded and you want to end on top of it, the detoxification process, I can tell you the benefits will be limited because you don’t have the space for detoxification. You don’t have the space to allow for things to change, to allow us for the letting go process that will then allow the space for new things to come in. That’s the rejuvenation part of detox that requires this letting go. In order to detoxify, we need to expose what we want to get rid of. Part of it is also, we want to control the rate of accumulation. How much toxins are we taking insight? So one of the, for example, of the ways to control it is we control our diet. 

During detoxification. We moved to a lighter higher in green free of sugars that free of gluten preferably free of milk products and a lower fat diet. Why do we do this? Because we want to remove things that are sticky, things that are accumulating. If you take sugar, then you went them. They become sticky. Gluten is very sticky. Middle products are sticky. So we want to move the thing. We want to have a lighter diet, but we won’t have enough protein, especially amino acid, especially. For the amino acids to allow ourselves the detoxification process to deliver news. Now that we control the rate of accumulation, we, for example, drink clean water. We don’t drink software drinks. We don’t drink too many stimulants. Now we are controlling the input. We want to expose the toxins, which we’ll talk in greater detail later. It’s a very important topic and gather detoxification forces, meaning having our system enough energy to deal with detoxification. 

When we clean our house with the broom, we need to move the broom. We need an energy to move things. That’s part of the detox education forces. From the point of view of creating space, creating time, creating intention, very important. You set yourself for a more profound process in some modern lifestyle. In many instances, leads to chronic inflammation. It leads toxins accumulation. It creates hiding places for toxins. That as much as it would have time, I want to elaborate about it, what it means, hiding places for toxin, and it reduces our capacity to detoxify. All of this, we want to change during it into detoxification process. Today we’ll focus more on the understanding and on supplementation. We won’t talk in greater detail about diets because there’s so many detoxification diets that are very similar and are available. 


Once we prepare and we expose now, we got to buy into the toxics. We buy into them in two levels. We bind to them in the gut before we absorbed them after they were excreted. We want to prevent the reabsorption without interfering with nutrient absorption. We bind to them in the tissue, in the circulation in order to deliver them to the liver, which will then help us to get rid of them through either the gut or the kidneys or the lamps or the skin. The basic detoxification, the liver is divided into two basic category that I don’t want to go in greater detail, phase one and phase two detoxification phase one is a process where we take lipid soluble, toxins, that we cannot excrete because they’re not water soluble. And we prepare them. We activate them. In phase two, we can make the right connection to them so we can get rid of them. 

Obviously in phase one, it’s really, if you want to look at the image is if you open all the drawers in your kitchen and you throw everything out on the sink, on the counter, so it’s a mess, but if you’re ready for it, and if them, the amount of stuff that you’re throwing out on the counter, you can also clear it through phase two, you will have a balance detoxification. If your phase one is weak, you will detoxify less. If your phase one is bigger than phase two, you’ll get stuck with toxins. That’s where you’ll get what they call healing crisis aggravations. For some reason, I got stuck in phase one. 


The phase two reactions is where we conjugate. We transform this intermediate into water-soluble form that is ready to be excreted. You can see in phase one, which is oxidation-reduction. I draw as the situation and et cetera, we need certain nutrients, B two B three, B six, between many of the B vitamins. When you follow folic acid, we need to do a thiamine. When it’s annoyed and in phase two, we need more nutrients, a lot of minerals, and a lot of amino assay to tell sulfur amino acid methionine cystine is NAC and folic acids, B vitamins, but different folic acid, different salt for the amino acids, taurine glycine thianine system. They play a different role. That’s the importance of having some protein when you detoxify. That’s why you see a lot of detoxification product that is a protein powder. Ideally, it will be individual amino acids.

You don’t have to spend the energy to break them down. They’re already broken down. You can have all your energy dedicated with actual detox. 


We detoxify directly from delivered to buy into the aunties net for excretion or through the bloodstream, to the Cubans. We have this process, we need to have enough energy to detoxify, and we need to support the energy systems. We also need to be well-hydrated. So there’s good movement in the body. Part of the support is to protect the circulation. So exercising walking is very important. The blood circulation is moving and to support the energy system by creating mitochondrial support or taking specific herbs that will support the energy system and will aid in detoxification. The classical group for this is medicinal mushrooms, and we need to keep our gut healthy. We’re not, well, we need to support the gut microbiome, so different probiotics and prebiotics, and we need to prevent the reabsorption of toxic very important. Otherwise we can get into trouble, why we can get into trouble, because for example, if you broke some liquid, some fatty tissue and you get toxins and they get reabsorbed or redistributed in the bloodstream to other organs, instead of having mercury in a fatty tissue, you can end up having it in the brain or the heart. 

And that’s not a good detoxification process. I think I jumped a few slides. Okay. We look at this, we want to keep our reactions balanced between phase one and phase two, between exposing the toxins and clearing them so they can be eliminated. One is called discharge where we are discharging from the tissue to the system. One is called elimination when we are eliminating them from the battle. 


When you do detox support, you need to select what’s right for you. We need to emphasize these basic steps, prepare exposed by discharge, eliminate in support and balance. 


Let’s look at some, I want to focus on certain preparation that are especially important for you to certification. The first preparation I’m talking about is called picture clear and it’s combination of pick the source, see modifies it respecting and alginates. We will see why beyond the benefits of more effective respecting that many of you heard about why in this specific detoxification instance, we actually add alginates. We want to help the phase one phase two, the preparation, the support of energy, the circulation, the elimination, and instead of taking 20 different ingredients, I’ve put them together into one specific product that is very sophisticated. It addresses the different needs and were discussed. We want to add the general detoxification in the nourishment and the support of the immune system by adding, eh, by using medicine, the mushrooms that are organically grown. Let’s talk first about pick the soul Epic, the clear about the combination of modifieds it respected. 

Anthony’s let me just write myself a note about something that they want to talk about. So I don’t forget. Okay. So, eh, let’s talk about what is modified it to spec. Maybe just to recap, we’re talking about pick the clear, modified it respecting and alginates. What is manifested respect? Modifies it to respecting in is derived from the piece of the thread was food pill. Picking is a long chain of collectors, chronic acid, and most of it is a green color. It is terrified. Usually it has a very high molecular weight, or it says you’re 50 to 300 kilodalton, but you’ve been to 150 to 300 it’s, highly esterified. Eh, it really can not get absorbed. We modified it in a very sophisticated way to a very low molecular weight under 15 kilodalton. We reduce this to reification and we preserve the benefits of the, you can see my error. 

I think we preserve the benefit of the site sugars, the nutrition around those around the nose, which help detoxification and culation of heavy metals and also stimulating and system. What does modified citrus pectin do? And again, what it does is it neutralizes the effect of collecting three is what we call a wrong protein. It’s a carbohydrate-binding protein, a protein that binds to sugars. What is it that what it does it creates and Latisse formation. It creates painter meals, five galectin three, and it creates a network of galectin three that creates a biofilm, created a shield where toxins infections, inflammation, cancer can hide the modified. It was breaking, breaks it down. Obviously it’s an essential part of detoxification. The five action of modifies, it was picking the detoxification in the preparation phase, which we do use as inflammation and fibrosis. Why is it so important? Because if I project tissue is a dead tissue, if I brought it, tissue is in tissue that is no longer in life while it’s not a life for us.

It’s the ideal place for toxins, heavy metals, eh, infections, viral, bacterial fungal parasitic emotion that we are storing to hide from the system like a box. If we reduce inflammation, if I brought this, that our body can now come into the area and start cleaning it up, it’s part of the preparation. What if it’s it respecting dramatically enhances the immune system power dramatically in many levels, like nothing else. It is such a dramatic immune, any significant we’ve published. And that’s why it’s studied. Now a modified it perspective is studied now with immune enhancers in different cancers. For example, 

Eat, expose it, 

The toxins by acting on galectin three mediated, biofilms, and breaks them down. It eliminates a toxin in the GI tract or eliminate the toxins through urination. It binds toxins in the body to heavy metals, intoxins, all of these published. You can see why more different it respecting should really be taken all the time. Of course, it has many other benefits, anticancer effect, and inflammatory antifibrotic. Even for the detoxification, we cannot stop to detoxify. Every time we breathe, every time we eat, every time we get exposed to stress, we are filling our body with information either on the level of body form, substance or level of speech, energy, emotion, level, mind, negative thoughts, they all have to be cleaned. That’s why the detoxification process has to keep going.

So we. 

Actually, in the detox process, we add alginates to the, modified it to spec our Jeanette that is derived from kelp specifically because it could eat it. It’s built from something called gala RONIC acid compared to Metronic acid, which is more, has a higher affinity for detoxification of heavy metals. When we edit the alginates, it showed to detoxify and eliminate radioactive isotopes, dioxin, and the oxygen like compounds, which are very toxic compound that are present, unfortunately, in many of our water supply pesticides and heavy metals. So you can see the value. There’s a value as an ongoing support. As we said, when we started, detoxification is ongoing. It’s an ongoing process, but we can emphasize it during periods of detoxifications when, as the classical period of detoxification, whether it’s change outside in the spring and in the fall, in the spring, we detoxify in order to be more active in the summer, the days are longer. 

There is more sun, there’s more energy in the fall. We detoxify to be lighter for the week term for the hibernation, for the inward movement between when the nights get with her, it’s more of a letting go. The detoxification process of heavy metal is works with it through the. 

Egg model. Okay. 

The actual model where the was the pole urinates, which are the pectins and the alginates are negatively charged in their bind to positively charged heavy metals, mercury lead cadmium, but also are cynical. Also cadmium also uranium we’re just publishing a paper, but they do not deplete essential minerals because they have such a higher affinity to heavy metal, 

So MCP, and. 

He needs a big bite evidence. For example, children exposed during the Chernobyl reactor accident and had high body burden of radioactive cesium, which is positively charged pectin administration just to the digestion, not as effective at what we do. Now we do cesium by 33% compared to only 14% in the placebo. That’s really what gets me going through this idea of using pectins is detoxification for heavy metals. For example, when we examine different fibers, 16 different data fibers evaluated for ability to absorb and remove the oxygen. The oxygen again is a serious toxin that can affect that can cause immune sticks, suppression, the particular pair to a fee splenic, a tree, a atrophy, and its effect with cancer. The pickings were most effective in binding they sins and things that are fecal excretion again with the gut. You can see the importance also of adding the alginates as there is no reabsorption. 

These are different publications from the literature. You can see a number of them are mine. I think the first, second, third, yeah. Three of the papers have been published by me, or I was part of it. 

So now. 

Talked about the generalized detoxification that happened in the bloodstream, in the gut. We need to support the elimination from the organs. We need to support the energy, support the circulation and provide the different nutrients that will do it. We can do it by just taking a list of different compounds, or we can do it in an energetic dynamic way. They don’t have time to show us the whole ancient wisdom behind the formulation of equal detox. I will go and explain it to you. 


We want to look at detoxification, we want to boost the discharge from the organ to the bloodstream. We want to help the elimination getting rid of them. Such a formula as to be balanced with activation of phase one, and two reaction has to provide energy that is provided by nutrition and mitochondrial activators history. The cofactors that we need for detoxification, mainly vitamins and minerals initiative, the conjugation group donor, mainly amino acid and sulfur donors. You can normally, when they looked at the list that are needed, based on the literature for these processes, vitamin B two B three, B six, B 12 folic acid to the thyroid flavonoids and all the other source for them, so why are we need something like this? Because environmental factors may influence phase one and two balance leading toxic metabolites and free radical damage. Things like smoking, eh, thing. They not like not eating like the right food, all of them, plastics, all of them can affect us. 

Nutritional factors like lack of protein, fate and co factors may lead to an ability to detoxify intermediate toxic metabolites. There’s the activation of phase two. The image that I give you take everything from the draws you throw on the table and you don’t have enough stuff to clean it up. Then you end up with a mess. Also we have genetic factors in aging that lead to mitochondrial dysfunction, lack of energy for phase two, that don’t want to miss the last one. There was one more thing to face. 


If we look at some of the select ingredient from such a formula, just a few of them, we have folic acid, the midfield donor for mitochondrial protein and nucleic acid synthesis. It’s essential for methylation of DNA of us for legions protein transmitter. We’ve B12 will be six. We have so far the amino acids, different amino acids. For the amino acids that are necessary for producing glutathione, the main antioxidants for enhancing immune function and for reducing oxidative stress, whether it’s cleanup, there is stress of the body. You want to reduce the stress and we have a few botanicals. Here, we’re looking at the botanical for more from a Western point of view, and that will give you some of the Eastern images for them. Salvia would use as little accumulation as the kidneys. Very important, right? As tissue is being broken down is led comes through the kidneys. 

It’s one place where well let’s get started with the kidney and the bladder. We cleaned the lid up increases Kimmy superoxide dismutase. The main antioxidant include Google the third pro boxy days and protect the liver against ion. I run overload again, oxidated stress astragalus that enhances mitochondrial function. Astragalus is not classically a detox herbs. Why do I use it? Because it gives the body’s energy to detoxify. It protects the kidney and it’s neuro protective. It supports that detoxification process, which is important in the brain. When we are moving out, have you met with them? There is oxidative stress, Chinese smilax, which is a two fulling. It is a, it’s a part of protective and it’s kidney protective, but really what it does from a Chinese medicine point of view, the classical terminal, it separates the pure from the turbine. It allows the kidney, it allows the body to decide what we need to get rid of and what we need to keep very important element in elimination and milk Cecil, which is a classical liver protectant and protects the body from the oxidative stress and promote regeneration of the liver. 

So we’re moving down into the nourishment. Part of the liver is we are detoxifying. 


We have this part, the last part that is essential for detoxification, how medicinal mushrooms, why? Because mushrooms are likes punches. Mushrooms is a property to go to areas which we call dead areas, which are not active. That the body doesn’t control areas of cancer areas, which are inflamed that have less oxygen. We have to recognize when there’s less oxygen in the tissue. It becomes a Sidoti. It becomes covered by biofilm. We don’t have access to this tissue from the body’s point of view, it’s a dead tissue. We’re not in control of it, but then a lot of things can happen there. That can be inflammation that can be infection. The tumor can grow. That’s why mushrooms have such profound at the cancer. 


If we look at the machine, what they do is they help successfully took certification, which requires lifelong support and balance. It provides support from these different places. We can see here, if we look at the full list of the mushrooms. There’s a way to look at these mushrooms based on their effect on the past or the present and the future. This effect is tied to their code, to the constituency of the mushrooms. A lot of toxins that we got in the past are stored in our affected tissues, lipid soluble. Cody sips ration by more, the first three mushrooms have high content of phospholipids. They can penetrate the brain. They will help in detox in the liver, in the brain, in the lungs, they will detox damages from the past. They’re receiving, we’ll clean this Suffolk, this fooling will help. The main digestion will help. The immediate immune response is the relationship between the liver and the diet. 

Just more air. 

We’ll help over Kaliah will help the end of the digestive systems. The rectal area and poly porous will help the kidney and it will help to generate the immune system for the future together with Cody sips and some other mushrooms. If we want to look at it from a different way, we can look at it from the point of view of past present and future. We are healing damage from the past and detoxifying being liver protective antifibrotic reishi is very much like these Cody sips, like this antiinflammatory, antioxidant detoxify, we are enhancing the immediate support with mitochondrial support, digestive support, glucose regulations. We have a normal response, cardiovascular support, cytotoxic and antimicrobial for immediate attack on whatever the problem is. We train the immune system bash of the adaptogenic. They have adrenal support, immunomodulator, modularity support, or Monarch regulation, and the profound prebiotics, especially the beta glucans. 

You can see how you can look at machining, Morphin, holistic preparation, but these are not just list of 10 mushrooms. They actually layer it in a way that enhances their effect. And there are specific ratios between them. It makes them work in a synergistic effect, every unique diagram about it that I didn’t include this time. Maybe next time I talk about it. 

So, so. 

Really when we look at this supplements, this is a very basic regimen that can cover the preparation, the bindings, the exposure, the elimination, 


It addresses the past, the present and the future. Into this, we of course can add other things like prebiotic probiotic, circulatory, herbs, but the eco detox really addresses a lot of it in one’s physical performance. So how do we use it. 

For the day. 

Toxification using pictures or metal detox. Pick the clear you really use a lower dose because we are preventing reabsorption. During the active dose, when you’re really doing detoxification actively, you take three capsules twice a day on an empty stomach for maintenance. You take only one to two capsules a day. If you are concerned about galectin three and you shouldn’t be, you’re not doing the full dose, you can always add, pick the associates. In addition, otherwise five grams a day. If you’re in good health, 10 grams a day, if you have inflammatory and fibrotic issue or closer to 15 grams, if you are dealing with cancer, but again, you can deduct the amount that you are getting from the picture. Metal detox, you do the full dose of the pickers metal detox. You may need only 10 grams and motivated perspective. Two eight, five in the morning, five in the data’s complete again, when you load, you take three, twice a day and maintenance it to twice a day, and then you can even have, even after two, three months, go to one twice just to give the message to the body, to keep detoxifying. 

Again, we focus on higher dosages when a stronger detox program during the spring and the fall, or before a big medical procedure or after a big medical procedure, like after chemotherapy afterwards, and your EDS, emotional immune support, the 10 mushroom formula. You take four, twice a day during the loading period. Some people every week immunity have need for support all the time. They take four twice a day, all the time. I really call it the ultimate mushroom nutritional support. It’s really covers all the systems in the body and for maintenance to Jacqueline to twice a day. Into this game, you can add prebiotic probiotic, circular circulatory preparation. So to summarize it, 


Summarize the topic. We prepare the body by reducing of inflammation, stress, and fibrosis. By taking time, by sitting on time, during your dedicated detox time to baby, better hydrated to eat a better diet that is cleaner, lighter, higher end greens, but has had enough protein, but cut their sugars. We also prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally. We expose the toxin by enhancing immune surveillance in addressing biofilms biofilm that we didn’t go into detail today. Biofilm that we break down mainly by using modifies introspecting we find toxic effectively in the gut and inside the body. We have the discharge and elimination talked about using it for detox and be supportive to God microbiome, imbalance metabolism by using probiotic prebiotic, they just did formulate like integrative. They just do formula one, the formula to keep heat and energy to the system. By helping with the Tim mushroom, it helps assistant to snow. 

I want to thank you very much for taking the time. If you have any questions, I apologize that we don’t have live question. I guess we have a few of them. I guess I do have a few minutes. Let me look at what you got. 


Two quick, a few questions. One how should they take modified citrus pectin? No. Or the, if I take all the time or the PectaClear, the practice will detox taking about 15 to 30 minutes before food is enough or one hour after best on empty stomach. And again, the galectin three blocker modifies. It was picked in should be taken all the time. If you ask me, what is your most important dietary supplement? Theoretic one thing, it would be pick the source similar, effective to respect because galectin three, that’s the root of almost every chronic disease. When you do the detox, that’s when you go to this regimen and your end, the detox. Definitely. What about if somebody has the metabolic syndrome or metabolic issues? So if someone has insulin dependent, then of course it’s a serious issue. You have to keep taking your insulin. If you detoxify as gently watching, if you don’t have hypoglycemia is you reduce your body fit, you will reduce your insulin resistance, and you’ll probably be able to lower your insulin needs, but more important, you really reduce the side effect of diabetes. 

Galectin three drive, diabetes, and some of the side effects of diabetes, kidney damage, how damage microvascular, ration damage. So very important. This regimen that I give today is very effective for people who specifically have diabetes, but to this, you will add our metabolic defense of glucose control. That is more specific addressing this some circulatory form units. How long should the detoxification beat? Another question that I just got? It depends on how much time you have. You want to have the detoxification, what’s the beginning and middle and an end. Some people do it for just a few days. It will still have an effect classically. You do it for two, three weeks, and you make a point of doing it during the spring and during the fall or during the time when you have time of when you have more time. 

And maybe last. 

Thing that I’m getting. Can I, it, since my detoxification, if I don’t have any severe health problems, I’m not going through chemotherapy or radiation. One thing that I really liked to use is a lemon and olive oil preparation during the night. Maybe it will send the recipe out to people who register for the way, but now, and again, if you have a problem with gallstones, then don’t try it or do it under professional health care, start with a very low dose, like one fourth of the recommended dose. Also if you’re in the middle of harsh treatments. I want to thank all of you for joining me today, and we’ll follow up with some more information and regiment and thank you for the opportunity to be with you today. 

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