Halting the Health Impacts of Pesticides—What You Need to Know

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In today’s modern world, you’re exposed to thousands of health-robbing environmental toxins on a regular basis. But out of all of these pervasive chemicals, there is one class that is especially concerning for your health: Pesticides and agricultural toxins.

Over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the US annually, many of which have been banned in other countries. At the top of this list is glyphosate—by far the most widely used pesticide in the US, up to four times more than other dangerous pesticides.

Research shows it’s also one of the most toxic. In fact, the more we learn about glyphosate and its effects on health and the environment, the more concerning it becomes.

Environmental Toxins Side Effects

The list of serious health conditions and effects linked to glyphosate continues to grow:

  • Destroys healthy gut bacteria and gives harmful microbes a foothold1
  • Disrupts reproductive development2
  • Causes liver and cardiovascular damage2
  • Fuels oxidative stress and gene toxicity2
  • Reduces neurotransmitter production3
  • Strips essential minerals from the body4
  • Classified as a probable carcinogen
  • Disrupts essential metabolic functions5
  • Impairs detox pathways5

Even worse, it’s likely that these documented impacts are just the tip of the iceberg. That’s because human data on the effects of widely used agricultural chemicals has been historically limited, at best.

But as scientists continue to investigate the dangerous impacts of glyphosate and other pesticides, it’s clear that we have a very real and growing problem on our hands.

And on our plates.

You see, even if you eat organic foods and choose natural products for your home and life, these important efforts are still not enough to protect you. With over a billion pounds of pesticides used in the US annually (that’s more than 3 pounds PER PERSON), there’s no way to completely prevent these harmful chemicals from finding their way into your body.

Over the years, I’ve seen how exposure to toxic pesticides can derail the health of my patients. From neurological disease progression, to immune disorders and cancer aggression, exposure to these toxins is one of the biggest problems we face in our collective health today.

Targeted Solutions for Detoxing Pesticides and Herbicides

The good news is, you can do something about it. You can take back your health from the grip of these ever-present toxins, and protect your long-term wellness.

Breakthrough research and clinical application have identified a handful of powerful natural detox agents that can effectively bind and remove glyphosate and other harmful agricultural toxins, protect vulnerable areas of the body, and help balance key systems for optimal vitality.

Specifically, I’ve found that four targeted natural ingredients, combined in clinically-effective dosages, offer the most comprehensive support for pesticide detoxification and protection:

  • Citrus pectin—A soluble fiber that works to bind and remove environmental toxins and cholesterol from the GI tract, and supports a healthy microbiome.6,7
  • Alginates (purified from kelp)— Effectively remove heavy metals and toxins including pesticides from the GI tract and supports a healthy microbiome.8,9
  • Glycine—An amino acid that acts as a powerful detoxifier and antioxidant, and protects the liver. Glyphosate is similar to glycine in its structure, so it tricks your body into storing this toxin. Adding glycine to your diet prevents glyphosate from being stored in the body, and enhances your natural detox functions.10-12
  • Organic Iceland kelp— Provides key minerals including iodine to block the absorption of radioactive ions and toxic pesticide halogens like fluoride, bromide, and chlorine into the body—especially the thyroid. Kelp also provides nourishment for good bacteria and supports immune health.

When combined into a formula, these gentle yet powerful, multi-dimensional ingredients work synergistically to bind and eliminate glyphosate and other common agricultural chemicals, and block their storage throughout the body.

And with a broad spectrum of additional health benefits, including immune support and microbiome preservation, these ingredients become essential allies against the constant onslaught of health-robbing pesticides and environmental pollutants.

In my practice, I recommend a pesticide detox formula with these four targeted ingredients, together with clinically researched Modified Citrus Pectin, as daily solutions for optimal detox, protection and total body vitality—starting with your cells, all the way to major organs including your brain.

Exposure to pesticides and pervasive environmental toxins is an ongoing, increasing problem that requires a daily strategy for you to reach your full thriving potential. And with evidence based innovative solutions that target these pollutants, and help to restore optimal functions—you can get there, safely and naturally.


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