Everyday Pesticide Detox and Defense

Advanced Protection Against Toxic Glyphosate and Other Agricultural Chemicals

Health-robbing toxic pesticides are EVERYWHERE…including your body.

But now you can do something about it—with a powerful, natural pesticide detox and defense formula.

This advanced detox formula helps remove health-robbing pesticides and prevents them from being stored in your body. It also offers added protection for organs and systems that are especially susceptible to damage from pesticides and environmental toxins:

  • Thyroid
  • GI tract integrity (think “leaky gut”)
  • Microbiome
  • and other areas…

Over the years, I’ve seen these impacts of pesticides in my practice—from hormone disruption and neurological damage, to immune suppression, cancer aggression, and much more.

That’s why I formulated this comprehensive pesticide detox system, as a simple yet powerful daily solution to the ongoing problem of pesticides and environmental toxins.

Featuring a precise blend of evidence-based natural binders and detox agents, this advanced pesticide defense formula is one of the first of its kind to specifically target the most dangerous and pervasive pesticides in use today—including glyphosate—along with other agricultural toxins that permeate the environment.

And your body.

Designed for daily defense and protection, this formula accomplishes three important goals:

  1. Binds and removes glyphosate and other agricultural and environmental toxins like bromide and fluoride
  2. Blocks these toxins from being absorbed into sensitive organs and tissues, like your thyroid
  3. Help protect your microbiome and gut flora

Powerful natural binders include citrus pectin, alginates, and organic Icelandic kelp give broad-spectrum defense against a range of pesticides, toxic halogens, organophosphates and other dangerous environmental toxins.

Iodine-rich kelp and glycine compete with chemicals such as glyphosate, bromide, fluoride and others, to block their absorption into sensitive organs and tissues like the thyroid.

These multi-targeted ingredients also provide essential nutrient support for thyroid health, your digestive system, and other areas that are vulnerable to ongoing toxin exposure.

Helping You Thrive in Today’s Environment

As published data continues to connect pesticides and agricultural chemicals to some of our most serious conditions, it’s never been more important to take action and protect your health. 

This highly targeted pesticide defense formula is designed to do just that, helping you and your loved ones thrive in today’s modern—and future—environments.

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