Challenge Yourself With This 21 Day Yoga Challenge

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The word challenge denotes the overcoming of stumbling blocks in our path, beckoning us towards the ultimate solution to our problems. A habitual practice such as a daily yoga challenge can provide us with both a spiritual and physical workout—which can make the rest of life’s challenges a little easier. 

There’s no denying that yoga challenges have become trendy. But no journey into a new ritual would be complete without the help of an online coach, local class, or at least some well-timed expert advice. A streamlined plan, structure, and guidance, and like-minded people on the same path to support you are always helpful. 

These you can find in a 21-day yoga challenge.

Challenge Leads To Independence 

21-day yoga challenges are consistently popular online, in studios, and with self-starting yogis too.

You may ask, why a 21-day yoga challenge, not 22? Because 21 days is the amount of time traditionally needed to form a new habit. Have a new habit you’d like to form or one you’d sooner be rid of? Three weeks is all you need. 

Maybe you’d like to lead a more active lifestyle or start prioritizing your self-care more often. Studies have shown it will take just 21 days to cement that new behavior into your day-to-day. (1)

Beginning A 21 Day Yoga Challenge 

The first commitment needed is simply promising yourself 15 minutes out of the day for three short weeks to commit to a yoga challenge.

Next up is figuring out what you specifically need in order to make this a successful challenge for you. The type of yoga to choose can be confusing because there are limitless options with different results. 

Is pain relief needed, more stability and balance, mobility, or flexibility? 

Is stretching out, breathing easier, or strengthening one’s core the main goal? 

Chances are we might be looking for a number of positive outcomes. It will be difficult to develop a regular routine if we don’t enjoy what we’re doing, so sometimes it’s prudent to pick a challenge with a mix.

To see what works, take a few days to experiment with various instructors and different types of yoga. Simply filter by length, level, instructor, or focus. Choose what feels right.

Are you…

  • Searching for motivation? 
  • Changing your yoga practice?
  • Building confidence in a certain yoga style?
  • Facing anxiety, doubt, or uncertainty in your current practice?
  • Wanting general or specific yoga guidance?
  • Feeling alone in your yoga journey?
  • Starting from scratch as an absolute newbie?

These are all questions to ponder before making a final decision. Once a perfect challenge is found, congratulations! You’re just 21 days away from solidifying your new health-giving ritual. 

Secrets To Success With A Yoga Challenge

One of the secrets to success is doing things not merely because they are popular, but because we deeply believe in them. 

Another is to be more energy-oriented than goal-oriented, so try to see a 21-day yoga challenge as constant progress, not a quick fix. Here are some tips to keep on track:

Study Spiritual Well-being 

Take time to study the spiritual aspects of yoga routines. Maintaining your heart’s feeling in a calm state of reason is an equilibrium many aspire to, so we should delve deep within, figuring out which practices resonate with our minds and share our beliefs. 

All of the profound practices of yoga philosophy are important. Yoga, in reality, is primarily meditation, and can therefore bring forth deep spiritual experiences.

Check In With Emotions 

While we might wish for changes in strength and physical endurance, more subtle advantages such as improved mood and attitude, and better sleep habits can be found through a consistent yoga practice. Yoga may also help with anxiety and depression, according to a report by Harvard Medical School. (2) Yoga can help people who are experiencing stress, as seen here in an article by Dr. Eliaz: 

If used correctly, a yoga practice can be an effective tool in working through emotions.

Dare To Be Confident 

Yoga is for everyone, no matter their level of physical fitness. And it’s a lifelong, daily practice. If we miss a day for whatever reason, there is no reason at all to give up. Just as with a meditation practice, you just bring your focus back to your practice. 

Remembering that being in the moment and appreciating our bodies and minds just as they are is precious. Yoga can bring these and other gifts.

Strength Through Friendship 

An interest in yoga is common among the general population. In sharing a yoga practice with like-minded people, we can grow our social network and enhance our well-being. 

The prize to be won is of course with new friendships and connections. So reach out to those in your social circles, and see if anyone is interested in joining you on your new journey. Join social media groups on the same challenge. Treat newfound yogi friends as fellows pilgrims on an exciting quest. There really is nothing like tackling a specific challenge with a small cohort of people with similar goals.

Track Your Practice 

A sense of vision can be backed up daily. All our experiences can be threaded together in a daily yoga journal, each one contributing to success along the way.

Finding a suitable mobile app will make a yoga challenge more manageable, and is a fun way to reinforce how far we have come. Even just keeping a journal can help. 

Tracking gives real benchmarks in the process that help evaluate success, as well as practical resources to help better understand the yoga practices.

The Celebration Success Cycle 

It’s always important to celebrate wins. Once we’ve begun our practice in earnest and everything is on track, it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back.

If we take action and get the result we want, we’ll feel great and willing to take more action to get even more results.

A yoga journey requires countless small moments of change and reversal, that eventually lead to a final destination or ongoing goal. It’s important to remember small wins have power.

Creative Challenges Through Yoga

Everybody needs a challenge now and then. Yoga challenges force us to think creatively, explore a whole new world, turn to ourselves, and command healthy changes in our bodies. 

We can then be ready to go forward with yet another new challenge, that will stretch and better us in many ways. 

Yoga communities and challenges are truly valuable support, but we have to put in the work ourselves. A challenge is sometimes just what is needed.


1. Aldosterone | Hormone Health Network.  Published 2021. 

2. Publishing H. Yoga for anxiety and depression – Harvard Health. Harvard Health.  Published 2021.

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