Addressing Stress and Supporting Your Health in These Challenging Times

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Something that is available to everyone is meditation. It is a natural stress-reduction technique that can be simple, yet profoundly beneficial. Give yourself the gift of a daily practice that supports your health and well-being on every level.

Addressing Stress



Hello to everyone. We’ll give a few minutes so people can log in. Good morning to people in California or it’s 10:00 AM early afternoon to people in the East coast and good evening to people in other places that are logging in. I just got to notice somebody from Sweden, join me. So thank you. It is an international broadcast. Today I’m a going to talk about how to address stress and our health. In these challenging times, we’re going to start our door into the discussion is going to be through meditation. We’re going to look how to address stress and our wellbeing from something that is available to all of us, which is working with our feeling with our emotions with our mind and kind of fair. Let me make sure my microphone. It’s good. So you can hear me. Well eh, thing that we can do right now, and then we’ll also talk about other health advice. 



Just, I can see people are logging in, so we’ll give people another minute or two to login and then we can stop. If you’re sitting on a chair, you can take off your shoes and feel the connection between your feet and the ground. You’re sitting on the cushion can little bit lift your sitting bones so you don’t break your lower back. Just sit with your back straight. Okay. You see a seat with your big straight and just feel your sitting bones. If you own a chair on the ground, just sinking into the seat, just let gravity relax your body. Let go of our constant struggle with the gravitational force, the contraction, the fighting, just let your body melt and feel the opening at your basis. The parent room between the genitalia and the anus, feel this area expanding and relaxing, just relaxation. Naturally creates more space in our pelvis and abdomen and the diaphragm can move more smoothly up and down and out in the air to flow more easily. 



From this place, from this opening, the base or the certain force, a certain energy that makes your spine elongate all the way to the top of your head. The spine is long. Your chin slightly tucked in. You’re the back of your neck is relaxed. Shoulders, legs, elbows next to your body. Very loose, and your hands are wrapped around your knees or hand inside hand. Your tongue is loose, gently touching the upper palate, tiny distance between your teeth and your gauges relaxed about two or three yards, two or three meters out. If you had to bring your attention and bring your preparation into your body, feed your body, your tissues, your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts. Feel the quality, the texture. What did we say? Mirror? Come in Hebrew. Feel the texture of your body. Feed whites, tensed, and Justin now to relax with no effort and feel out with fixing a breath or your breath is flowing more easily. 



Most of them wisely. From displace, we prepare the breath by clearing both no thrills each separately, and then both of them and visualizing when we even hit in her white light, it purified heels, clear the body. When we exhale, we let go of any negative byproducts, physical diseases, illnesses, toxins, emotion, negative emotions, traumas, stuck feelings and tied to mental stuckness. We inherited through both nose to the visualizing white light coming in. If noticed we didn’t exit out leg Ray smoke in handing white light and exiting one more time from both no streets, inhale and exhale. And did your breathing flow smoothly. There’s no effort and feel out the breathing is flowing easily and how it’s relaxing your body and your mind from this displace. We now prepare that with body and breath, that dough to the speech, to the central energy in the body. 



We now prepare our mind by body, bring up how a love and compassion to ourselves, into all living beings, but understanding that equanimity, that equality on the simplest level, that every living, being every human being wants to be happy. Every human being is proud of their existence on this earth experiences, difficulty suffering. This is quite easy to experience these days when all of humanity, regardless of where we are of ethnicity of belief, system of age, we’re owning the same boat, experiencing the same thing. So we opened our house. I was sailed into every living, being, understanding this on a contemplative level, on analytical level, and then letting go can stay at this very basic level of equanimity. It’s what life presents us from displace. We can start meditating by using some support. We focused on an object or a point B and we focus our vision into this point or this point to this object. 



It can be a pebble picture, just focusing our eyes. I that door’s toy buddy. We add the dote was a speech by focusing on our breath, extending to the poet and inhaling from the point exceeding to the point in Henning from that point with the object. We about eyes and we ever breath. And now we add our mind focus. We just focus mentally on the point until the visual focus, the breath and the mind joined together three doors By focusing one thing, our destruction slowly fall away and we find a place of peers of calm. This meditation. This meditation is called Shamita meditation, calm, abiding. Should your destructors gently bring your meditation, your focus to the point. For people who, when you treat the initial revelation, that of restlessness, we can be finally for the first time for people that are starting to connect with our ongoing, the Rose is like a blind rider on a wild horse or waterfall, but slowly it relaxes and opened up until it becomes opened like an ocean and clear. 



I, the breath and the focus. Slowly bring our eyes gazed, how I live and just led the focus shift into openness, opening LSF to any visual sensation. It comes from the front Without rejection and without holding and grasping. While we open to the front, we add opening to any visual sensations from the right and from behind from the left, it’s only above and below the same way we opened OSF to all other sensations, sounds tactile, sensations, smells and tastes. And we use the breath. At the end of every installation. There is a letting go that is stable and moving. The breath is flowing smoothly and the mind is relaxed and open and wide to keeping the openness outwardly. We bring our focus inwardly into our body sensations, into our feelings and emotions in dealt with thoughts, thrusting awareness into our body without judgment. They often like to say this point, meditation is not what we experience. 



It’s our relationship with what we experience did the sense of openness outside the inside merged together. They’re just one big openness to levity peace calmness, and a sense of beliefs of pleasantness in the bed. Whatever arises is, okay, good experiences, bad experiences. It doesn’t matter. And we suffice our experience. We feel it with understanding of the impairment and quality of everything that arises outwardly to our senses. Inwardly the thoughts, feeling body sensations from this place, we say hello to how we bring our hands down the chest and just feel the warmth of the, how the hands are open this way. Feel the warmth of the heart spreading all over our chest. Elbows are relaxed, feeling our home just does healing. Quality of the chest warms Travis in our body, wherever it’s needed, melting any holding any fixation. You can use it specifically to areas that need healing. 



And it feeds our whole body. Our heart expand. The whole body becomes the warms of the heart and the mind expand with it till this quality expense everywhere inside our body, outside from this place, we slowly bring down our hands and knees just to rest. The body’s relaxed and moveable stable. The breath is flowing smoothly and the mind and how to open from this place. We can do of healing. We inhale, we bring white light through the top of our head, the torches, all of our bodies hold the air for a second. Let the light penetrate to every one of the 50 trillion cells in your body. When you exhale any tension, any disease comes out as gray, black smoke, hitting white light. It washes over your body and exhaling gray, black smoke. The end of the exhalation, letting go code it in heading white light and exhaling gray, black smoke, and letting go and just resting in this quality of healing. 



When the body is less congested, less tight there’s place for healing and change to happen. I found this place you can visualize or see or feel a board of white light at the center of your chest, representing your heart, how that gives without judgment. And we inhale. We connect to the universal quality of light of healing, of love and compassion to come through the top of our head and intensify the bowl of light in our heart. When we exhale, just like the heart contracts and sends out blood, the white light from the center of the chest, spreads everywhere in the body, inhaling white light to the heart and exiting sprinting. The white light everywhere until the white light comes out of your skin and feels the whole universe and everywhere inside, outside your body, it’s an equal quality of white light of purity of health, of evenness. 



We rest in this quality of healing. It’s always in each of us in every one of our sails and you can move your hands and your legs stretch. If you need to make us comfortable. Good morning to everyone who is here at the States and good evening to people who are in other places or good afternoon, I’m happy for the opportunity to share these next half an hour with you where we’ll talk about how to handle stress, how to handle our health in these difficult times. 



For people who’ve heard me before, especially recently, people who heard me in Hebrew, in Israel, I I’m repeating a lot of the things these days from different angles. The reason why I’m doing it is because it’s so practical. It’s so important. The reason why I’m taking your time and offering my time is because I do believe that I can offer a truly integrated and holistic method that takes into consideration psychospiritual elements, mental, emotional, psychological element, and physical elements, drawing on different medical systems, different ancient systems in a practical way. That’s really where medicine and meditation come together. M and M is not only a candy. It’s also meditation and medicine coming together. Let’s talk about what’s going on and what we can do about it. We’ll naturally in the unusual time, we’re in stressful time. Most of us experienced stress and fear and unknown each of us in a different way, the unknown and the big unexpected change, even if it was expected is really equal to all of us. 



Each of us has a different degree of difficulty for the ones who have a job, or okay, economically the stresses of one kind that’s so many people now are struggling breaks the heart because they don’t have food because they don’t have shelter because they don’t have medical care because they can’t afford medical care. This is a whole other layer that is adding to the situation and affects all of us due to the interdependent between us energetically, if we are aware or not. So these are not simple time. These are very challenging times, no doubt. For certain people, this is also times of opportunity to reflect, to go in. Suddenly we have time. We have time to look in and I was talking to some people who met many years ago. Couldn’t understand like in the nineties, when my work wasn’t established and I wasn’t stable financially, I would go every month for two months to the every year for two months to the mountain and just go seek meditate on my own. 



They thought it’s crazy. But these were reflective time. You connect to a different quality of yourself. You couldn’t connect to different quality of others. You connect to different qualities of the universe. There’s a certain understanding that requires this reflection in order to reveal itself. In this sense, this is an opportunity. Right now, where any of these times of stress, we can’t control the outside. We don’t know for example, what was happening, that it States when things fix and get the better, because maybe it’s warming up with, there’ll be hundreds of thousands of people who will die. There’ll be millions of people who will die, how it will affect our future. It’s very unknown. The only thing that we can change is our individualized reaction to the situation and how we as a community respond to it. This situation naturally puts us in a survival mode. 



We are all in the survival mode and we can react to the survival in different ways. The body has systems that responds, respond to a survival challenge. The survival response is innate in us is people in the different organ systems in the body of the rate to the cellular level, we are trained to respond to survival because otherwise we won’t survive. And we are built to survive. The route of survival is actually a melody last touches of my book, the survival paradox, which I’ve been working on for two years, quite a time to come up with this book, come out with this book. I wish it was out already. In the book I explain why is the survival is the paradox? Why is survival that allows it to survive is the root of every illness and disease. Only then I get the last chip transforming the survival, our survival. 



So the root of survival is grasping. Identification is fixation with everything that is changeable all the time. Everything is changed, but nuclear where were in months ago or two months ago. We’ve been a very different place two months from now, everything changes this survival is because we grasp and fixate and we don’t want things to change. We only don’t want to die. What was the death? Is it one certain thing? All of us are going to experience. There’s no doubt about it. This fixation effect us all the way through the cellular level. No, they let him go with the opening is key to changing our survival response. Before we do it with to understand it and I want to go very briefly about it. Again it’s very detailed in my book when it comes out, but I want to go over it. So you survived. 



That is innate in us, a beautiful ending in us. It is to be immediate and uncontrolled. It is to be an automated reaction. It’s controlled by the autonomic nervous system. They never systems. It doesn’t need us to tell it to do something. We can tell her as if now, put your hand out and open your fingers and go like this, and now close your finger. I’ll put them back, put your hands on your knees. This is a voluntary movement of that nervous system. We have the 30th, the brain, it sends a message through this. Infinite, receive them through the spine medical, through the relevant organs. If growth is a never muscular junction, it moves the, it gets through the muscles and they open up quite amazing. If we touch and we feel like we’re scratching out a finger, the script is sensed by receptors goes back to the birth center. 



The big part of our spine or the front part goes up to the brain, does the relevant area. If it’s on the right hand on the left side and creates a sensory response, these are more complex, voluntary issues, but we’ve automated each. Like if we put down on a fire, there’s the reflex to take the hand out. So they’ll turn mimic system. These poems with fear or fight and flight, the sympathetic system, our pupils get big. We shut down the digestive system. The heart rate goes up. The contraction gets stronger. The lungs expand, and we are ready for the fight. I do it. And we can feel this stress. It’s remarkable, right? We get stressed out, Holy physical sensation changes, and then we can relax. If we get stuck in a sympathetic mode, because we are very busy because we have no time because we have challenges in life, it’s slowly effects our other systems in the body, the hormonal system, the neuro endocrine system, the immune system, and we get to high wear and tear. 



In principle, the nervous system can be supported very quickly between the sympathetic piles of survival and the parasympathetic response of relaxation. They come from different part of the brain sympathy from the third luck or lumber and parasympathetic from the coronial sacred area. This is a nervous system, but then we also have metabolic response. The thing I love that happened is the central nervous system help in the metabolic system. The alarm is set and the cascade of events, stouts, and the protein that starts to allow, which I’ve been researching for 25 years. I’m knowing for many years, it didn’t allow me thinking that he just to fix cancer by discover, making the discovery that it affects inflammation and fibrosis. And we moved every metal. I mean, if straights adversely that it affects inflammation, fibrosis shut down the immune system, these discoveries, and that it needs to be blocked. 



By connecting through bloke of these are my specific discoveries over this many years. Now we have the alarming is it sounded the alarm and starts a cascade of inflammation cause skates and waterfall of reactions, boom. And the battery gets inflamed. You can, when the inflammation works with it’s like controlled fire, you burn. It goes out when inflammation goes out of control, it’s like a wildfire that we experienced in California in the last few years, again, and again, some of the reaction of trying to get rid of something, everything gets burned. This cascade of inflammatory responded so many medicines try to control the different messengers. What we call cytokines, it’s all controlled in the top by galectin three, then starts going down. Why am I telling you this right now? Because this survival response effect us on many levels on a chronic level. For example, if we look at cancer, what is cancer can say the sale they decided it wants to survive. 



It gives us the most is regulatory ability to understand and recognize the mutual support and the figures. It’s part of a community of 50 trillion cells. It’s going to express itself. It’s going to be it’s work. It’s going to die apoptosis. And another sibling. He fixates on its survival starts to survive and changes its metabolism from Norma, that rabbinic metabolism to abnoma. I never break metabolism, glycolysis, which is more, much more quick up to a hundred times more because we are in stress, right, and survival. It’s a lot of detrimental effects, a CDT inflammation, et cetera, and many diseases, all diseases. Most of them have this kind of component. You can realize how important it is to understand. This survivor would put us in a hyper inflammatory state is what causes the deterioration of the death in COVID-19. You don’t die from the virus. You die from the inflammatory response. 



What we call the cytokines tome. In fact, many drugs that they tried to kill, create inflammation in their process. It’s a little different than for example, Chinese herbs like clear toxic herbs that have antimicrobial effect that also built in to clear the toxins, the crave, the fire clear the inflammation we’re actually inflammation will go down in the process because there are multiple compounds. There’s the wisdom of nature, especially when combined. It’s critical for us to control the cytokine stone. We can do it through sleep hydration and your tuition and specific dietary supplements, exhibition, the respecting the blokes, galectin three medicinal mushrooms, either two big categories. By supporting the body at times of stress, but using adaptogenic herbs like Caicos, like, eh, struggles, et cetera. Some people can do it in some people can’t do it is not available for them. It’s too expensive, but we can use our free tools. 



We can use our mind to try to help. We have inflammation, when we have a storm, when everything is contracted, the first nature I think is to try to create space is to try to expand, to make everything bigger. Because when there’s more space, there’s less pressure. The certain amount of pressure, and we created the biggest space. Cruise the system down. It’s a simple relationship between volume, pressure and temperature throwing. There was more space. Everything slows down. The same thing with is moving very fast. Like this now has more room to move. So he starts moving slower. It is more tasteable instead of in a very tight space, right? You can see my face. My hand is moving. Then now he tells him more space. It’s starting to move fast. There’s more place until it hits the sides. It takes time and it comes back. 



We created the space by slowing down. So we slowed down our mind. We slowed down in our breath and we relax our body very simple and very profound. This is why Shamita calm, abiding meditation has so many health benefits because of the way it’s built. We seek and we just let go of the struggle of the contraction with gravity, we feel more space in the body. The diaphragm moves better and now more air is coming to the tissue. More air, more oxygen. The tissue is a cell moves from a survivor. I’m choking. I don’t have air I’m in crisis mode to a place where things, okay, you’ve got supply, you’ve got nourishment. It’s going to be okay. Fruit fruit believe arrived. And the body starts to relax. That’s where the first power of working the meditation is creating this space. We create a bigger space. 



First we big gain by slowing down. It raises by focusing downward with the gaze, but using anchor to anchor our restlessness in the eyes that represents the body open through the body, the breath, our life force and the mind, the mental and slowly we can express. We can experience the quietness. And then we raised our gaze. We started creating openness, outwardly for our body out. It’s quite amazing. When if you did the same time, suddenly everything becomes very expensive, very clear, expensive with a, and then at the same time we look inside and we feel the space inside our body. We realized that the space can be experienced without separation inside or outside it a more advanced place. We started looking even outwardly from the center of our being. Naturally when we look outwardly both the body and the space out of it opens up for found physiological effects. 



It changes the cellular metabolism kind of express how profound it is and it’s necessary in these days to create this space. It’s really can be lifesaving. You get the COVID-19 and you can reduce your inflammation activity. You the oxygen to the tissue immune system works better, but he’s also been a regulated. It’s not producing. It’s not producing heat. It’s not producing inflammation. It’s not producing the crisis of contract and causes of respiratory failure. There a spiritual distress syndrome? And we know that galectin three spikes, interleukin, six interleukin, one beat. If we moved, when we block it, we know from our own research, we motivate you to respect me. We lower models. We marrow interleukin when being delivered in six, we know that all these nasty chronic compounds, it puts us into this stone. When we meditate, when we create spaciousness, the same thing happened. They took a group of patients straight from a heart attack, from an EMI. 



When they know where the kid, the first day, they either stayed and grabbed the rebel, our care one group, the other group, maybe they did very simple meditation, just like a positive stress relief meditation for 20 minutes North to very sophisticated. Sure enough, the ones who meditated, Hey, did dramatic improvement in reprofusion of blood coming big, an Oak. Coming back to the heart dramatic, decrease in damage to the heart and the reduction of deducting three, that was significant. Even though they took this group six weeks later and they did another session, the level of ability three before and after the session that we used in one hour before blood tests, after by 15%. We can feel meditation brings blood and takes us out of this crisis. In the case of the heart attacks of the myocardial infarction. I prevented cardiac remodeling and cutting damage. Infections, if we prevent this storms that can kill us, we see to know any more modal research is MCP, dramatic reduction in sepsis dramatic and kidney damage. 



Here today, we’re focusing on what we can do with our mind, because it’s available to all of us, no matter where we are. We talked about creating the space so you can use the short meditation. These days I’m specifically making the meditation’s shorter, not like 35, 40 minutes, but really just 20 minutes. So we can do it. It’s easier to do if we are more restless and we can do it a few times, these recordings stay on Facebook and you can go and look at them. You can listen to them, but then the spaciousness is great, but how can we change and transform the reactivity? We talked about this in important details that we have built in survival is people as communities, we can experience it now, right? People caring for each other because the whole community wants to survive. The personal responsibility, if we stay at home isolate, we are protecting others. 



These are real times to experience the connection between the individual and the community. Really my love that it’s a very unpleasant gift that we can experience this. I mean, it’s the universe, the world, the environment is telling us enough of the competition, enough of the selfishness and enough of the self focused enough of their thinking about others and not for divisiveness. I’m going to give you something it’s going to affect everybody. And hopefully you will learn that lesson. Usually in these cases, the ones who more of listen anyway, love it even better. Their wives don’t listen, knows the left hand don’t care. Actually, unfortunately, don’t learn. These are also times where every light makes a big difference. We took, let’s go back to survival. So went to survive. Our organs want to survive, and our tissue wants to survive. I was sales one to survive and sometimes wanting to survive can be damaging. 



For example, if the keenly feel that he doesn’t have enough blood and they say, because renal artery arteries, it goes to the kidneys becomes verbal. Either genetically or overtime, it’s called renal artery stenosis. The kidney get sent. Like it doesn’t have enough blood it’s very often or most often caused by peripheral artery disease by high blood pressure. What does a kidney do? You taste receptor on your Tenzin receptors it wake up and say, well, my dad’s modal of blood excrete. It it goes back to the heart and the heart pumps, more blood increases the blood pressure, the kidneys, again, excrete more of this angiotensin. And then it gets converted. What happens? We get to more blood pressure and who gets damaged. The Kivas gets more damaged is the response to its survival. This is a survival power paradox, and eventually would die. But that’s our organ function. 



They weren’t nourishment and they let go of the poisons. We do it on a cellular level, on a tissue level, on an organ. The only Oregon whose functioning and survivor is completely different is the heart. The heart’s job inlaid to built in us is to take dirty blood. What everybody doesn’t want connect with the universe. This is why it’s so important to take care of the environment. It’s not like an altruistic job. It’s what affects us. It connects with the environment, the infinite space outside in which our drama is, can be easily absorbed. That forgiving, loving world gives us clean oxygen. The hardest gives it without judgment and how it doesn’t feed only the whole body without judgment. It. First of all, feeds itself with a coronary artery. What do I mean when I say it without judgment? I mean the Delta, they may not tell you out of the out is a stiff out of it. 



It doesn’t have contract and decide who gets blood, who doesn’t get blood. The blood goes everywhere, no judgment, complete giving. There’s a quality of even as of the heart, did we try touch it? At the beginning of the meditation session? It’s only downstream. There are two of the capillaries in different organs through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through dynamics, nervous system, through with the vibe of the sports and winning and dealing between the different organs that decides who gets blood, who doesn’t get blood. It’s interesting. Geopolitical. You can see it with the oil crisis now, right? Everybody pumps oil, some person pump too much. Everybody gets hurt. This person wants to survive. It affects all the other people. This is a willing of dealing in the body. You can see also in geopolitically, economically, these principles are universal, but the heart just gifts. So is the higher attends. 



This transformative quality or near physiological level. It doesn’t require our awareness. It’s automated. Why? Because this is the survival role of the heart. The heart is responsible of taking care of us. That’s what he does. That’s the gift that the divine connection in the house, the same divine connection when we fell from heaven. He said, right, biblically, were made in the image of God that the Buddhist approach of our true nature, our essence, that we need to recognize, to connect and to reach realization, enlightenment, same thing. The mortar represented in our body is our heart. Now that we understand it on a physiological level, we can connect with it through mental understanding and through meditation, but opening our heart. This is why the opening heart meditations are very powerful and very easy to learn. Like the tone limitations they may, meditation is in my stream in Buddhism. 



While you exchange suffering with love and compassion, it takes in the suffering and you give out love and compassion and healing. Why is it so easy to learn compared to other meditation? You don’t need to practice for years? I like to say you learn the first day. You must do it. After three days, you can teach it after a week because it’s, we are so inside the practice right now to deal with stress, recreate the space, the openness, spaciousness quality of meditation. We create the transformative quality of the heart through 11 compassion, taking difficulties and using them as wood was the fire of love and compassion, very simple and very universal. I wondered to introduce these two different pilots. Right now I’m not sure it worked a frequency. I will come and do this broadcast, but if I feel it’s some kind of a consolidated group, I probably repeat with different angles a few times. 



When there is a certain interest to go deeper than we can go and create a series where I can offer the different stages, how to integrate everything with meditation. We talked about the mind and what to do with it. That’s even just the connection, feeling the warmth of the heart and visualize the white light in the heart, connecting with healing, with inhalation to the white light, making it stronger and spreading it over the body. It emphasize our awareness of the transformative quality of the heart. Specifically Ed’s cooling healing, energy and its wide cooling energy. We can see it where people that it snows, where they live in a different terrain and suddenly it snows. And everybody, everything becomes so clean. And so even the differences are gone. Everything is white. This quality of even as of coolness, it cools down inflammation and it’s vital. Now it’s vital for us to work on it. 



It’s really preventative medicine for us. Now I watch people, it’s very inspiring to see Chris Como really great journalist. He’s so sincere and he’s sharing his experience. He’s talking to all the doctors attending to isolate and to check his oxygen situation. It’s great. A lot of things you can do to improve your health right now to reduce inflammation. There are actually, and it’s obviously it’s not shared in the media because it’s not part of conventional thinking that there’s a problem and we have to treat it. What about the host of the problem? What about the person is holding to the problem? What about the vessel? What about the community? So we’ve talked about how a person can protect the community from getting the infection. If we make our bodies stronger, more resilient and more relaxed and less inflamed, we would, first of all, have better immune response, but we have less of an inflamed immune response, which is critical in these days. 



This is why really making an effort to emphasize. So into this, we bring lifestyle issues. It’s difficult as it is, makes you get enough sleep. Make sure you drink enough water. You are hydrated, hydration, cools down the system like all in the car, engine fruit, if you can, no, we don’t do the same selection of food. If you do eat a lot of vegetables, try to minimize refined sugars because we find sugars cause an insulin spike and enhances inflammatory pathways. Take some supplements again, that block the cytokine response like modified to expecting medicinal mushrooms. It a very important and make sure you have enough minerals and vitamins. If you don’t get them in the food and you can get them and take them in vitamin C, if it, I mean a vitamin D and some of other botanicals to regulate the immune response, reduce inflammation and other thing, and all, some antiviral herbs. 



Also I don’t want to go into detail here. I think of a few articles on the topics that are coming out or came out already. All of these are part of a multifaceted approach, physical with supplements and food drinking, to keep hydration going. And then let’s talk about breathing. It’s very important to make sure that you take deep breath. Some people have, by any chance, oxygen generators at home can breed some oxygen every day. If you don’t every hour, make a point every hour of taking 20 slow, deep inhalations and 20 slow, complete accelerations. Try to see, I can show you here. Maybe I’ll take you to really down. Try to see that when you interview abdomen, gift comes out to us. Your diaphragm is going down exit because you want your diaphragm to go down. The reason you want to air the bottom of your lungs, heavy flame, toxins. 



Think that’s where you’re getting trouble. You want to make sure that the inhalation affects the whole body. That’s all to fix the whole lungs. We’d like 20 times slowly. You don’t get lightheaded every hour and exercise. We’ve got to get oxygen everywhere. We got to get oxygen. Every tissue in the body needs to know that it’s okay. Best exercise is walking fast enough that your heart rate goes up. If you’re able to walk outside, it’s great. Keeping social distance. If you can’t, you do what you can insight outside is great because the air is much cleaner. Finally there’s a reduction in emissions that we of course be over soon. We hope that the world would go back and function, but it’s a lesson, right? You see things, you see sadness. The view is clearer. The sky are clearer. Everything is cleaner. You use this to exercise, to breathe. 



It’s a real, it’s a real opportunity. So we talked about exercise. Jogging is fine, but don’t run long distance. Now you don’t want to create Octavia. Just stress. People are like rhinos, run half a marathon or marathon just around five, six miles. It’s enough for right now, stretching your guy to cheat you gong, be lattice, whatever works for you. Work on relaxation, either meditating or listening to music or creativity, whatever works for you. Many people have more time now than usual and integrate or the other advice. Let’s close with very little bit of meditation. So it’s great. The breathing is flowing smoothly. The heart, the mind open can connect with our heart, bring our hands to our chest. Feel the wall right here. Just kind of see, because it was a screen to fear that wall was over the heart, melting us, and we bring our hands down and this open heart, we wish every. 



Living being, including ourselves health and safety. This is how a mutual connection, our heart connection at this very moment for the people and the nations of the earth. We know even the names, disease, famine, war, and suffering be heard rather than made them of conduct married wealth and prosperity. Increase me Supreme, good fortune and wellbeing always arise for them. These very moment for the people and the nations of the earth, to me, the names, disease, feminine ones suffering be heard rather than made them want to conduct marriage wealth and prosperity increase and may Supreme good fortune and wellbeing always arise for them. It is very moment for the people in the nation of the earth. I mean, not the other than names, disease, feminine ones suffering be heard rather than me than moral conduct, marriage wealth and prosperity increase and may Supreme good fortune with being always a right for them. 



Thank you and feel free to share this video. I hope to see you soon again, every wonderful day, stay health and safe. 


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