Greater Effects Seen When MCP is Combined With Other Ingredients

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Modified Citrus Pectin Increases Anti-Cancer Effects (of Poly-Botanical Formulas)

Synergy is defined as “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.”*

In health and medicine, synergy is an important therapeutic strategy, especially when fighting cancer. In order to outsmart this insidious disease, a multi-pronged, synergistic approach has shown to be the most successful.

MCP with Botanicals Further Inhibits Metastasis

That’s why I am excited to announce a new published study highlighting Modified Citrus Pectin’s (MCP) powerful effects against breast and prostate cancer cells, when co-administered with two advanced poly-botanical formulas: One for breast health and one for prostate health. Results show that MCP significantly boosted the anti-cancer actions of both of these formulas, further restricting the aggressive behavior and metastatic processes of highly invasive breast and prostate cancer cells.

This pre-clinical study was published in the journal Integrative Cancer Therapies. Results demonstrate how Modified Citrus Pectin works synergistically to inhibit aggressive cancer cell behavior, when combined with either of these two poly-botanical formulas. Researchers found that MCP in combination with either the breast or prostate formulas further inhibited the metastatic processes of breast and prostate cancer cells.

Breast Formula Results Explained

The results of the study on the breast formula showed that a low concentration of this botanical formula alone decreased breast cancer cell adhesion (a large part of the metastatic process) by 21%. With the addition of MCP, a 40% decrease in adhesion was observed. The prostate formula alone decreased prostate cancer cell adhesion by 9%, but with the addition of MCP, adhesion was again suppressed by up to 40%.

Researchers also showed how cancer cell migration was further reduced by combining MCP with the prostate and breast formulas, demonstrating a true synergistic effect against aggressive breast and prostate cancers.

Biomarker for Aggressive Cancer Cells

This new research was led by Dr. Daniel Sliva of the Cancer Research Laboratory at Indiana University Health. In addition to examining the aggressive behavior of breast and prostate cancer cells, the researchers also analyzed the levels of a protein called urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA), secreted by cancer cells. High levels of uPA directly contribute to cancer metastasis by promoting cell adhesion, migration and invasion. As such, uPA is used as a biomarker for observing the level of aggressive behavior of invasive cancer cells. This study showed that uPA secretion and cancer cell migration was further restricted when the cancer cells were treated with MCP in combination with the breast or prostate formulas.

Better Results at Lower Dosages

Dr. Sliva states: “We asked a simple question of whether one plus one can equal more than two. And what we found is that the combination of low doses of these natural compounds works better than higher doses of the individual compounds on their own. We know that certain molecules in cancer cells are responsible for their “bad” [aggressive] behavior. The synergistic effects seen in this study show that we can further suppress these molecules and thus significantly reduce the cancer cells’ aggressiveness. We are using natural compounds — which do not have any harmful effects — but by their combinations we see greater anticancer effects at lower dosages.”

Previous Research Results

All three of these nutraceutical preparations – Modified Citrus Pectin; the botanical prostate formula and the botanical breast formula — have been previously studied with results published in peer reviewed journals. Research has demonstrated the ability of these nutraceuticals to significantly reduce the proliferation and metastasis of breast and prostate cancers, on their own. This alone is of critical significance in integrative cancer therapies. However, the new synergistic study is particularly important because it demonstrates that when MCP is combined with either the prostate or breast formula, lower dosages provided more powerful anti-cancer effects than were observed when these supplements were studied on their own. More research is currently being conducted on the anti-cancer properties of MCP as well as the integrative breast and prostate formulas, to further substantiate these natural substances and compounds in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

A Key to Success in Integrative Medicine

This synergistic study highlights a critical strategy within integrative cancer therapy. Synergistic effect offers the potential to attain results that may not be achievable with any one treatment alone. As such, synergy is a central principle within integrative cancer protocols, where a combination of diverse treatments is often needed for optimal clinical outcome.

See my recommendations for breast health and prostate health.

*(synergy. The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary. Houghton Mifflin Company. Accessed: June 28, 2012.)

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