How This Doctor Treats Breast Cancer Differently

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Dr. Eliaz discusses how to treat breast cancer while also maintaining overall body health. He champions a dynamic approach to treatment.

What This Doctor Does to Treat Breast Cancer Differently

How to Beat Breast Cancer and Maintain Your Health

Doctor, breast cancer is one of the most talked-about forms of cancer. Can you talk about beating that and still maintaining your health. Can you talk more about how that can be done? 


Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Breast cancer and prostate cancer, are actually an epidemic. When we focus on breast cancer, we’re making some progress, but not a lot of progress in conventional oncology. I think that what’s happening with breast cancer is a good intro into what’s happening in cancer, in the cancer field, on its own. We really have to understand as much as we can, the biology of the specific breast cancer and its affiliate is really growing and expanding as we talk. I mean, I’ll give you an example. If I have, right now, I’m working with a certain breast cancer patient who is just about to start therapy and we have tissues just from the co-biopsies and we can send them to a test called target now, which gives us some information about sensitivity to chemotherapy. It’s more based on the genome, on the genes. 

Understanding Breast Cancer Individually May Help Improve Treatment

Dr Isaac Eliaz
We can send it to Germany when they can run it through hundreds of genes. If we had tissue, we can culture, live tissue. We can see, which chemotherapy is going to affect in a more accurate way. All of the things that are happening right now, we still don’t know which one of them is more reliable or less reliable, but this is the whole field which oncologist are slowly coming to, which is let’s understand the individual tumor lobular, breast cancer behaves differently than their ductal breast cancer. There’s another half more than a half, which is a person we’ve got to understand the person, when you’re talking about meditation. If we understand the mind of the person, if you understand the emotion and the psychology of the person, if we understand the physiology of the person, then we have a much more individualized understanding of the person as a whole. 

Holistically looking at a person can help Customize Cancer Treatment


Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Then we match it with the treatment and the biology of the tumor, and this is how we can really make a difference. There’s always a dance between the health of the person and between getting rid of the cancer. When the cancer is ahead, it’s okay. If the person doesn’t feel great, we got to stop the cancer. When the cancer gets better, it’s time to change the strategy and start working on the person. You have this active dynamic understanding, you get better results. It’s interesting for me, in this conference where we are now, where we are talking, it’s really the first time in years that I’ve started a lecture without talking about these philosophical principles because it’s so much research I wanted to share, but I find the doctors, they keep this philosophy. I spent a years, I spent dozens, tens of years, hours, and hours of meditation, contemplation, and reading, on these very basic philosophical principles. 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
They feel, this is what allows me in my journey of healing, myself and others, to use very simple tools and to get very powerful results in breast cancer is a good example of it. 

Can Heat Treatment Effect Cancer?

I mean, when you talk about each cancer being a little bit different, let’s go back to hyperthermia. Can that method be effective no matter what kind of cancer somebody has or no, 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Not it has a general life benefit because cancer in general is sensitive to heat, but it definitely, we write it, which will make a difference with cancer. We are dealing with, for example, if we have a cancer that is highly gluco lytic, it really has a very strong Warburg effect. It produces a lot of lactic acid. Well if I can stimulate this cancer, furthermore, by giving them glucose while I do the hyperthermia and then put them on the oxidative stress, I will kill the cancer better. If this cancer is more, it’s surviving more on ketone bodies or on glutamine through alpha-ketoglutarate in the Kreb cycle, I may give them other blockers while I do the heat. I will pick a certain chemotherapy, not only based on the sensitivity of the tissue, but on the metabolism and the effect of the chemo on the metabolism. So it’s a whole new door. 

Dr Isaac Eliaz
It’s a whole new door that is being refined. I think I’m making some contribution to this field, which makes me happy. 

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