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Modified Citrus Pectin Research

Only one form of Modified Citrus Pectin has been extensively researched and proven to support our most critical areas of health. Explore the growing collection of independent, peer-reviewed published studies on Dr. Eliaz’s original Modified Citrus Pectin.

Galectin-3 Research

Thousands of published studies now show how Galectin-3 negatively impacts our health and longevity, from cellular behavior to cardiovascular function, immune activity and much more. Every few days, a new study is published showing Galectin-3’s roles in key areas of health—demonstrating the critical importance of blocking the effects of this “survival protein.”

Purchase Dr. Eliaz’s Modified Citrus Pectin

With over 70 published studies—including double-blind clinical trials—and 25+ years of clinical success, Dr. Eliaz’s unique form of Modified Citrus Pectin is proven to deliver a wealth of benefits for total-body health and optimal aging.

Is your body's survival response working against you?

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