Create the Shift. Deepen Your Healing Potential.

Open Heart Medicine Meditation and Healing Retreat with Isaac Eliaz, MD
Big Island, Hawaii | September 18-21, 2024

Open Heart Medicine Meditation and Healing Retreat
with Isaac Eliaz, MD
Big Island, Hawaii
September 18-21, 2024


Are you...

Seeking relief from pain, illness, or overwhelm?

With decades of study in East-West traditions, Dr. Eliaz effortlessly teaches the art of letting go of grasping – to the self and to others. Experience greater freedom of mind as you feel yourself expand into the potential of healing from the heart. In this place, there’s no end to how much love, compassion, joy, and equanimity we can experience - It is truly infinite.

Navigating a health challenge, a stressful time, or a life transition?

Make your way through periods of discomfort with renewed purpose and clarity with new tools and insights. In this retreat, meditation does not mean going outside our bodies, but rather turning inward to heal. It’s an ongoing process of opening our hearts. Within this space, transformation happens.

Wanting to experience more peace and joy in your life?

Drift into a full sensory experience on the island of Hawaii during the Autumnal Equinox, the perfect time for reflection and gratitude. Right near Puako Park, one of the most ancient archaeological parks in Hawaii, the petroglyphs and breathtaking shoreline provide a unique environment full of healing energy.

If so, the Open Heart Medicine Retreat is For You.

Ready to dissolve blockages and access your deepest healing abilities?

Dr. Eliaz’s decades of practice, study, and research into integrative medicine, meditation, and mind-body healing have produced an unparalleled model to unlock your infinite healing potential.

Utilizing scientific principles to explain meditation, Dr. Eliaz correlates medical phenomena, health, illness, physiology, cellular biology, genetics, and epigenetics with the profound impact of meditation.

For the past two decades

Dr. Eliaz has been leading live meditation retreats around the world, creating transformations in …

Benefits of Meditation, Backed By Science:

Studies show that meditation can help ...

Open Heart Medicine is more than meditation.

Create spaciousness and openness.

Engaging with targeted practices, an energetically-healing environment and the energy of the retreat will create a shift, leading to a transition and a deep peeling away of layers to a transformative experience.

Cut through holding.

This intimate gathering will address the scars of survival by introducing practical tools combined with hands-on strategies for permanent breakthroughs. Clear obstacles and ancestral energies using Shamanic elements, including sound, visualizations, mantras, and energy work. These elements offer mind-blowing results that address multi-generational, epigenetic healing.

Connect with your infinite love and compassion potential.

With the strategic integration of sounds, colors, and the use of energy for profound healing, these practices transcend the ordinary. Each one targets your body, organs, and tissues. It opens your heart and unlocks the door to more of your absolute truth – the timeless healing beyond the physical realm. And it all unfolds as a captivating dance between these elements.

Expand and melt.

Let go and achieve optimal health, transformation, personal growth, and healing for yourself and others. At the heart of this practice lies a distinctive feature – the profound ability to somaticize. In opening your heart, it creates a new kind of communication and catalyst for healing yourself, those connected to you, and the entire community.

We invite you to Connect to Your Limitless Healing Potential.

Retreat Fee

Single Package

Double Package
$4195 /attendee

This was a long awaited opportunity to learn and practice with Dr. Eliaz. His Open Heart Medicine healing and meditation approach has deeply informed my practice, my path, and my healing. Deep gratitude to Dr. Eliaz and his team for putting this together.
Corinne Saunders, MD

Included in the Retreat Fee


Fairmont Orchid | Big Island

Four nights, arrival Tuesday, September 17th departure September 21st at the Fairmont Orchid, nestled along 32 oceanfront acres on the Big Island’s majestic Kohala Coast in Maunalani, 20 miles north of Kailua Kona.


Detoxifying, nourishing Ayurvedic meals.

Meals included in your retreat package:

  • Breakfast: September 19th – 21st
  • Lunch: September 18th – 21st
  • Dinner: September 18th – 20th

(Vegetarian Options Available)

Meals included in your retreat package:

Breakfast: September 19th – 21st
Lunch: September 18th – 21st
Dinner: September 18th – 20th

(Vegetarian Options Available)

Meditation and Healing

Four days of healing sessions with Dr. Eliaz

Guided meditations and hands-on healing sessions to embrace your inner calm, balance and strengthen your physical energy, and make room for your true inner nature of love, peace, and tranquility to arise and expand. 


Oceanfront yoga, breathwork, and Qi Gong

Mind-body practices that emphasize the connections between posture, movement , breathing, meditation, and our specific detoxification organs and channels while immersed in the breathtaking beauty of Kohala Coast.

Deepen Your Understanding

Learn and Engage with Dr. Eliaz

Detoxification and theoretical lectures, teaching, and meditation practices allowing you to dive deeper into the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of detoxification, transformation, regeneration, and healing.


How much meditation experience do you need to attend?

Anyone at any level is welcome and will benefit.

What type of meditation will be be practicing?

The meditation style blends East and West with decades of medical training based on ancient Buddhist principles. You’ll experience two basic fundamentals of the Mahayana path of the great vehicle – the two basic principles for creating transformation.

What is the advantage of attending an in-person retreat in Hawaii?

There’s nothing quite like real human connection. This retreat is designed as a hands-on experience with extra attention given to the fine-tuning of each attendee’s energy field. Plus, you’ll enjoy the extraordinary connection and heart opening you’ll experience with your fellow participants. The retreat takes place in one of the most potent places on earth – an ancient part of Hawaii with its own healing energy. The human connection, plus your connection with the elements of nature, come together to create enormous shifts in healing potential.

Where is the Fairmont Orchid Hotel?

Fairmont Orchid
1 N Kaniku Drive
Waimea, HI 96743 

Fairmont Orchid is nestled along 32 oceanfront acres on the Big Island’s majestic Kohala Coast, in Maunalani, 20 miles north of Kailua Kona. The hotel boasts world class beaches, underwater marine life in their private bay and is adjacent to Puako Petroglyphic Archeological Park, one of the most extensive petroglyph fields in Hawaii.

How do I get there?

The closest airport is Kona International Airport.

You can take a taxi to the hotel from the Kona International Airport or if you want to rent a car it is an easy 40 minute drive up the coast from KOA.

How long will the retreat be?

The retreat will start the morning of Wednesday, September 18th, and end mid-day on Saturday, September 21st. Retreat attendees have lodging included in their retreat package as follows:

Arrival Tuesday, September 17th | Departing Saturday, September 21st.

What is the menu for meals?

We will be serving detox supportive Ayurvedic-inspired meals and there will be vegetarian options available. Meals included in your retreat package are as follows:

  • Breakfast September 19th – 21st
  • Lunch September 18th – 21st
  • Dinner September 18th – 20th
What do I need to pack?
We will share more details on anything you may need to bring with you as we get closer to the retreat start date.
What if I want to arrive early, or stay longer?
Additional Nights: We are happy to share that we have a limited number of rooms available at a significantly discounted rate leading up to and after the retreat has ended that you have the opportunity to add on to your retreat package. You can view options and pricing HERE. If you decide to stay on Saturday afternoon and Sunday Dr. Eliaz will be leading an additional informal evening meditation on Saturday and morning meditation on Sunday for any participants who have decided to stay on property through the weekend. Dr. Eliaz strongly recommends staying for one more night at least, if possible. It allows for the effect of the retreat to settle in. The two additional group meditation sessions on Saturday evening and Sunday morning will support the integration process. Spots are limited.
What time does the retreat start on Wednesday and end on Saturday?
We will start at approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday, September 18th and complete the retreat on Saturday, September 21st at noon. We will have a group lunch together after the closing of the retreat.
Is there a payment plan?

The payment plan option expired on June 1st and is no longer available.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

On or Before July 1st: Full refund less 10% administration and processing fee

July 2nd – July 31st: 50% refund

On or After August 1st: Non-refundable

Will attendees of this event be eligible for CEUs?


Wait, I have more questions...

A: Please feel free to send your questions to Darcie at:

I was transported into a space where my body, heart, and soul were taken on a journey

I walked into the room to experience Dr. Isaac’s meditation knowing that I would leave feeling lighter, clearer and more centered. That did not happen at all. For two hours I was transported into a space where my body, heart, and soul were taken on a journey. This journey helped me realize that once the mind has the ability to quiet itself all we are left with is the knowing that we have power within us to heal physically, emotionally and energetically. Through his process, he made me realize that we do possess limitless love and compassion for our cells, our organs, and the systems that make up our magnificent body. That two hours has forever changed me. Dr. Isaac has a very special gift and is the master who allowed that magic to happen!

More About Dr. Eliaz

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAC, has been a pioneer in integrative medicine since the early 1980s, focusing on cancer, immune health, detoxification, and mind-body medicine. He’s a respected clinician, researcher, author, and educator. He is the author of The Survival Paradox and formulator of EcoNugenics.

He is also the founder and Medical Director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Santa Rosa, California.

Dr. Eliaz is a lifelong student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhist practices. One of them is Tonglen Meditation, a practice that involves the art of exchanging suffering with love and compassion. After decades of practice and study, Dr. Eliaz created Open Heart Medicine, a modality that combines science, meditation, and a unique understanding of the heart’s physiology and its inherent ability to perform Tonglen meditation as a unique approach to promoting healing on all levels.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this retreat is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We will not be providing medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment at this retreat. Always seek the advice ofyour physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The full copyright and intellectual property rights to all content presented during and/or after the retreat are exclusively owned by Dr. Isaac Eliaz. Any use of these materials without prior written consent from Dr. Eliaz is strictly prohibited. This directive applies to trademarks, diagrams, presentations, graphic files, texts, and any other materials presented during or after the retreat.

©2024 Dr. Isaac Eliaz. All rights reserved.
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Payment Plan is available through June 1st.

Please note that the payment plan option is only available for the retreat itself. Any add-ons will be due along with the initial retreat payment and registration.

Payment Plan Breakdown

Three installments of $1765 each

Three installments of $2996 each ($1498 per registrant)

Extended Daily Rate for Add-On Dates to Retreat

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Applicable to these dates only (supplies are limited)

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Daily Rate: $499*

Total Rate: $645.23
Room G.E.T. Tax 4.71% / Room T.A.T. Tax 13.25%

Fees Details
The daily resort experience fee of $48 plus tax includes self-parking, internet access, wellness & cultural classes, shuttle bus service, lei greeting, 1 branded reusable water bottle per registered guest, snorkle rental (one hour/day), and local & domestic long distance calls.

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