Modified Citrus Pectin Proving Effective in Clinical Studies – Video

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Dr Eliaz and Ken Malik, founder of the Prostate Awareness Foundation, discuss preliminary clinical data on Modified Citrus Pectin against biochemically relapsed prostate cancer, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Ken Malik
Dr Elias. When when we first met way back in the middle nineties, you were pioneering some research on modified citrus pectin. We’re sitting here today because of some new research that you are involved in at a very prestigious cancer clinic in Israel. Can you tell us more.
Dr. Isaac Eliaz
About that? Oh, here we are. Almost 25 years later, we are close to 50 publish papers and it’s much bigger than me. The NIH sponsored grants. We are, we finished one double Blakely and it goes by with however, the most to arthritis, we are finishing it another one on congestive heart failure. We just presented the interim results of the third clinical trials in biochemical relapse of prostate cancer. The first two studies were very promising. The second one, which was an IRB study showed about 80% response, 8% of the 80%, which is remarkable. Now we repeated the study in a multicenter trial and we presented the data on 34 patients in the annual meeting of ASCO, American society of chemical ecology. We now have data on over 40 patients showing you the same results. We are seeing benefits in 80%, the patients, and in most of these 80%, we’re seeing a flattening or improvement of the PSA is sophisticated as is.
Dr. Isaac Eliaz
Therapies is multifaceted as effective. The simplicity of how nature and how safe it is. It’s kind of mind blowing.

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