Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit

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Why join? Inflammation can secretly smolder in your body — unnoticed — for years. When this happens, you develop “inflammaging” — chronic inflammation in the body that accelerates the aging process and fuels a range of degenerative conditions, including autoimmune disease, neurological issues, cancer, heart problems, and more. To stop unhealthy inflammation and finally heal your whole body, register now for the FREE Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit. 

Don’t miss! Dr. Eliaz’s talk, Day 5: “The Survival Paradox and Its Effect on Inflammaging” 

At the event, Dr. Eliaz will delve into the body’s innate survival drive — and explain why and how an out-of-control survival response is the root cause of inflammation and chronic health conditions (and what the proven solutions are to regain your health!). 

Is your body's survival response working against you?

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