NeuroMetabolic Summit

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Did you know that your brain and your metabolism are intrinsically connected — either promoting health or contributing to disease? For real, lasting relief from chronic brain, immune, gut, and hormonal symptoms, you must address both brain health and metabolic dysfunction. Learn how at this FREE summit featuring world-renowned experts in neurology, immunology, detoxification, and endocrinology. They will share the latest breakthroughs, insights, and practical solutions for solving your chronic symptoms for the last time. 

DrEliaz’s talk — “Neurometabolic Survival Mechanism” 

Leaky gut, debilitating fatigue, digestive problems, and neurological issues can disappear by addressing the root cause of your neurological and metabolic issues — inflammation triggered by an out-of-control survival response, which are rampant in our chronically stressed, health-challenging world.

Is your body's survival response working against you?

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