Mastering The Meno(Pause) Transition 2.0 Summit

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During menopause, there are a lot of changes happening within the body as hormone levels start to drop off. It can be a challenging time, physically and emotionally, for many women who are hit with a range of symptoms, from hot flashes and brain fog to weight gain and severe mood swings. 

Learn how to ease your menopause-related symptoms and enter this new phase of your life feeling better than ever at the Mastering The Meno(Pause) Transition 2.0 Summit, hosted by women’s health and menopause expert Dr. Sharon Stills. 

I will be speaking on Day 5 of the summit about “Harnessing the Power of Detoxification During Your Menopause Transition.”  

You’ll learn effective methods to detoxify your body during menopause, as well as the role of Modified Citrus Pectin during this transition. I will also be discussing how mushrooms can support your hormonal health during menopause. 

Is your body's survival response working against you?

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