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Immune System

10 Ways to Prevent Cold & Flu

With the right choices, you can stay healthy all winter. Read more to learn about the differences between the common cold and the flu, lifestyle choices that can keep your systems running at their peak, and the most effective all-natural remedies for immune support.

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How to Cleanse Your Body
Detox & Cleansing

Tips for Optimizing A Seasonal Cleanse

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is recommended that we embrace the Fall Season by lightening our physical, mental and emotional load. This will give us the greater energy and health needed for a smooth transition into the Winter season.

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Cancer Solutions

Surviving Prostate Cancer: Charlie Rice’s Story – VIDEO

Charlie Rice, a Vietnam veteran, says, “It’s not over until it’s over;” and he has lived his life to prove it.

As a young man, he fought for his country and as a firefighter for many years he served his community. His next battle was prostate cancer.

He felt quite rejected by the traditional medical establishment and searched far and wide to take measures to fight his cancer. He changed his lifestyle and his diet, but still his PSA was creeping up.

He was introduced to Dr. Eliaz who found that an old injury in Vietnam was the missing piece that needed to be addressed.

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Breast Health

Targeted Botanical Formula Fights Breast Cancer

In Vivo Results: Formula Safely Fights Breast Cancer & Metastasis
Growth, invasion, metastasis—these are the aggressive traits that make cancer so deadly. In fact, 90 percent of cancer deaths result from metastasis, not the primary tumor. As an integrative cancer specialist, researcher and product formulator, much of my work targets the metastatic process. A main objective of any cancer treatment program is to prevent this deadly disease progression, or slow it to a halt once it begins. However once cancer spreads, it becomes much more invasive and difficult to treat.

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elimination diet
Diet & Nutrition

Instructions for an Elimination Diet

  By following an “Elimination Diet”, you may be able to identify foods that trigger certain symptoms including joint pain, skin rashes, headaches and much

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Spring Cleaning
Detox & Cleansing

Put the Spring in your Step with a Spring Cleanse

 The best way to begin a spring cleanse, and optimize results, is to incorporate cleansing and alkalizing foods, nutrients, botanicals and mind-body healing practices such as meditation, into a gentle program.

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Modified Citrus Pectin

Breakthrough Study: Modified Citrus Pectin Boosts Chemo’s Power against Ovarian Cancer

New Breakthrough Study: Modified Citrus Pectin Boosts Chemo’s Power against Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest cancers because it’s often detected at a late stage, with higher risk of resistance to frontline chemotherapy drugs such as paclitaxel (commonly sold as Taxol). However, a new preclinical study from the University of Tehran and the Neuroscience Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention showed that Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) increased the effectiveness of paclitaxel against ovarian cancer cells.

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Mind Body

Hand in Hand: Motivation, Gratitude and Healing

Finding motivation to follow a health program is not always easy. In this article, I share insights and advice on how to energize your healing path, using Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies and mind-body practices.

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