5 Ways to Reduce Fatigue and Increase Energy, Naturally

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Are you tired all the time? Fatigue is a message from your body, like a warning light on your dashboard. It’s not just a normal part of aging or overwork. This kind of exhaustion comes from energy depletion — meaning your body can’t create enough energy to keep you going. 

You may try to power through, relying on endless cups of coffee and energy drinks. These provide a quick boost, but they eventually lead to an energy crash later on. That’s because stimulants like caffeine deal with the surface problem, not the root causes of low energy. And it’s why powering through just makes you feel worse — until you eventually burn out completely. 

8 Symptoms of Fatigue

When true fatigue hits, you’ll feel it through your whole body. That’s because fatigue is more than being tired. It involves a breakdown in your body’s energy production — and that affects every cell and system in your body.  

Here are 8 symptoms of fatigue symptoms — other than feeling tired and weary – that you may be struggling with: 

  • Depression 
  • Irritability 
  • Brain fog and mental exhaustion 
  • Headaches 
  • Achy muscles and joints 
  • Sugar cravings 
  • Unintended weight changes 
  • Frequent colds and other infections 

Fatigue takes quite a toll on you. But you can overcome fatigue, and get your vitality back by restoring your body’s ability to create plenty of energy.

How Your Body Creates Energy

Your energy starts at the cellular level.  

All of the cells in your body contain their own miniature “power plants” called mitochondria.1 And the number of mitochondria in any particular cell depends on what that cell does and how much energy it needs. For example, muscle cells have many more mitochondria than skin cells – not surprising when you think about how much your muscles move every day. 

Your mitochondria take raw materials — glucose and oxygen — and convert them into energy. That energy gets stored in special molecules called ATP.2 When a cell needs to use energy, the ATP releases it. Think of it like withdrawing money from a savings account. 

To keep you going, your mitochondria need a steady supply of oxygen, glucose, and nutrients – including zinc and B vitamins – that support energy creation. That’s why respiration and circulation play such important roles in your energy levels — every breath you take (respiration) supplies fresh oxygen. And your blood (circulation) delivers all of the necessary energy ingredients to your mitochondria.  

But when there’s even a small glitch anywhere in this system, it can rob you of vitality and motivation, leaving you feeling sluggish, weak, tired, and sick. 

Everyday Stress Steals Your Vitality

Stress is exhausting for your body, mind, and spirit. There’s a reason that stress feels so draining – it depletes your energy and decreases your body’s ability to create energy. And while you might think stress comes from things like simultaneously managing work and kids or paying bills, it involves so much more. 

5 Energy Drains

  1. Toxin exposure3  
  2. Systemic inflammation4 
  3. Oxidative stress5 
  4. Immune system reactions6 
  5. Mitochondrial dysfunction7

You might not even realize you’re dealing with these energy thieves – but that doesn’t stop them from leaving you exhausted all the time. And, all too often, several of them can show up at once.

When Fatigue Signals Something More

Sometimes, fatigue involves more than your body’s temporary reactions to stressors. Frequent or long-term fatigue may also signal a more serious underlying condition. Unfortunately, fatigue-related conditions often get overlooked or dismissed, partly because they’re tough to accurately diagnose. 

But if your fatigue has been dragging on for at least six months, and even minor exertion wipes you out, you may be dealing with one of these heavy-hitters: 

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a debilitating condition that brings on extreme tiredness along with a wide range of other symptoms.8 
  • Post-viral syndrome, which (like it sounds) appears after a significant viral infection (such as Covid Long Haul) and causes long-term symptoms including extreme fatigue9,10 
  • Adrenal fatigue, a condition (not yet recognized by many mainstream medical professionals) where overworked, overstressed adrenal glands can’t produce the hormones needed to keep you feeling energized and calm 

Whether you’re dealing with long-term fatigue or one of these more severe diagnoses, you might feel hopeless, like there’s nothing you can do to get your energy and your life back — but you can!

5 Natural Ways to Boost Energy and Vitality

To overcome chronic fatigue and restore natural energy and vitality, you need a multi-system approach. After all, this isn’t a simple, single-target problem. So you need the right combination of strategies for an effective solution. 

This five-target plan addresses all of the factors that can sap your energy. And when you approach your fatigue from every angle, you have a much better chance for lasting success.

1. Target Toxins

You’re exposed to energy-stealing toxins every day lurking inside everything from household cleaning products to polluted air to moldy basements. And even low-level exposure takes a toll when it happens every day for years. That toxin build-up takes a toll on all of  your body systems, making you feel tired and rundown all the time.  You can help your body gently detox at a safe pace with Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP).11 Clinical studies show that MCP helps your body safely neutralize and eliminate toxins, including heavy metals like lead and mercury, radioactive particles, and environmental chemicals.12,13

2. Reduce Inflammation

Systemic, chronic inflammation lies at the root of every disease state you can think of, and that includes your struggle with fatigue. You can help your body get runaway inflammation under control and promote a healthy inflammatory response with proven botanicals including: 

3. Manage Stress 

You’re faced with stress all the time, and that can drain your body’s deepest reserves and overtax your adrenal system. When your adrenals are always “on call,” your body never gets a chance to calm down and relax. That’s where balancing formulas like MycoAdrenal make all the difference. MycoAdrenal contains 5 powerful, botanically-enhanced medicinal mushrooms, all proven to provide substantial adrenal support and fatigue relief:18 

  • Cordyceps19 
  • Reishi20 
  • Maitake21 
  • Turkey tail22
  • Shiitake23,24 

Along with their stress-balancing activity, these prized mushrooms act like a mild energy tonic to help overcome deep fatigue. Another beneficial “side effect” of the MycoAdrenal mushroom team: They help balance your immune response, another important factor in energy production and fatigue relief. 

4.  Improve Circulation

Your energy levels depend on your circulation, your body’s delivery system. Without healthy circulation, oxygen and nutrients can’t get where they need to go. That can leave your cells starving for energy — and leave you feeling exhausted all the time. The best natural options for improving circulation include: 

  • Salvia miltiorrhiza25 
  • Nattokinase26 
  • Hawthorn27 
  • Ginkgo28 

5. Boost Mitochondrial Function

Your mitochondria have one of the most important jobs in your body – producing energy – and they need a lot of support to keep up with the demands. When they’re not working at peak capacity, you’ll feel the exhaustion in every cell of your body. Support your mitochondria and increase cellular energy with targeted nutrients and botanicals including: 

  • Essential energy nutrients, like B vitamins, zinc, and selenium 
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine (an amino acid)29,30
  • Astragalus31 
  • Siberian ginseng32 

This 5-target holistic approach offers a long-lasting solution for crushing fatigue — a solution that will sustain you with fresh energy every day.  


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