One-Day Online Meditation Retreat with Dr. Isaac Eliaz

What is the nature of your ”healing mind” and how do you access it through breathing and meditation?

How is an open heart your greatest healer and protector?

How do you deepen your mind-body connections to tap into infinite healing potential?

Dr. Eliaz’s decades of practice, study, and research into integrative medicine, meditation, and mind-body healing have produced an unparalleled model for dissolving blockages on all levels and accessing our deepest healing abilities.

In this one-day retreat, Dr. Eliaz will introduce the principles of Open Heart Medicine, the door to our infinite healing potential. Together we will learn and practice the two basic foundational meditation practices that propel open heart medicine. Dr. Eliaz will also offer a lying down healing session as part of the one-day retreat. At the end of the full day, participants will be equipped with tools that will allow them to taste the healing power of Open Heart Medicine and develop these qualities over time.

About Dr. Eliaz

Isaac Eliaz, MD, has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s, with a focus on cancer, immune health detoxification, and mind-body medicine. He’s a respected clinician, researcher, author, and educator and a lifelong student and practitioner of Buddhist meditation.

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